700 million roubles on improvement of Moscow image.

Authorities of Moscow have supported “the Complex target program of increase of the international authority and formation of a positive image of Moscow for 2007-2009” to correct an image of Russian capital. The nearest years capital authorities are going to spend more than 700 million roubles for this porpouse. They have decided to allocate 450 million roubles from the budget, and 250 million more to receive at investors. The program plans the massed information campaign with use of both traditional mass-media, and various Internet-technologies. By the plan of officials, representation about Moscow should be as about a megacity-pilot, successfully finding the decisions of the most complex city problems. Developers assure, that these means will bring not only moral satisfaction to muscovites, but also a profit in due course. 700 million roubles on improvement of Moscow image.
Officials will begin with the Internet. In fact the city even does not have English-speaking portal on which all information interesting foreigners would be placed. It complicates information search in Moscow for foreign tourists. It is required to capital authorities about a year to create a qualitative and effective English-speaking portal.

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