Moscow is a much cheaper place to live than New York, London or Oslo.

Moscow is a cheap city Investment bank UBS has carried out the annual international research “the Prices and Salaries ” during which there were compared levels and conditions of life in 71 one bigest cities in the world. Experts of UBS compared a prosperity and economic opportunities of inhabitants of the different countries and cities by more than 30 different parameters. Most expensive cities can be found in Northern Europe. The best are in Switzerland. In Moscow there are low prices if to compare with average world levels and low salaries. The general tendencies are show that in the USA, Northern Europe and Japan its more expensive to live. But also people in this countries get the highest salaries, which are ballanced with high taxes and high costs of an everyday life. In comparison with these countries Moscow far not the most expensive city in the world – in a ranking based on a price level the city is just on 41st place. It’s most cheap to live in Latin America, India and Southeast Asia. Want to move there?

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