Tin can monument would be built in Kaliningrad region.

In Kaliningrad, they are planning to make a monument of a Baltic Sprats tin can (like on the picture below) .


As “Radio Baltics” has reported, it appears a giant bronze tin is to be built in downtown Mamonovo. As people from the local government say: “Such a monument should commemorate the fact that the most tasty sprats in tin cans are being produced in this city”.

The construction of the monument would cost approximately 5 000 EUR (around $6900), and probably would be collected from the volunteers who like the sprats.

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  1. Well, you seem to fail to mention that Kaliningrad is actually Occupied East Prussia and that the Russian migrants living there are living on the bones of hundreds of thousands of murdered people. People murdered by the NKVD and the Soviet Russian soldiers. Get out of Prussia and go home to Russia and I am sure God will stop punishing you. Russians do not belong in the Baltic countries and are not wanted. Leave.


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