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28 Soviet Public Luxury Limo

Soviet Public Luxury Limo

It deprived the majority of the population of the right to have a private property, including cars. People mainly used the public transportation means, buses, trolley-buses, trams. And this seems to be a try to make a public luxury car. Kind of multi passenger limo
heading by the route “Home – Red Factory – Home”, carrying hundreds of shock workers, with lustrous eyes and great intentions. No extra doors available. None is supposet to come out before reaching a final destination of Red Factory.
daily russian photos
42 Daily photos from Russian cities

Daily photos from Russian cities

That's a daily, probably not exact daily but several time a week series of Russian street life, the photos gathered from different sources, on which the nice moments are caught, with some commentaries. Just for some
easy viewing. Neither he is not a military man, just some kind of guard wearing scary military uniform, it seems that he is guarding an antique store, at least that what is written on that red sign.
russian tractor deep in the water
8 Drowned tractor and magic mushrooms

Drowned tractor and magic mushrooms

Almost in every Russian village there is a story about a drowned tractor. Many tractors were being drowned during the Soviet period. During Soviet period of Russia all the vehicles belonged to a governmental structures and all the people worked in those structures, there were no any private farmer. So the governmental property was not treated with care. Often
drunk tractor drivers were fond of visiting lakes and rivers accompanied with Russian girls for some swimming and just for tractor riding fun (during Soviet period there were almost no passenger cars in private ownership in Russian countryside). Often such trips were finished with a drowned tractor. Just like on the pictures below:
bad russian roads
18 Bad, bad roads

Bad, bad roads

There is a saying made by a Russian  writer Nikolay Gogol "In Russia there are two big problems: bad roads and a lot of fools". He said
this almost 200 years ago, but if he said this today he would hit the point again. Just have a look on the picture below.
in estonia there are a lot of russian language speaking people
21 What a ferry line

What a ferry line

Estonia is a small country nearby St. Petersburg. It was a part of Soviet Union before, but after 1990 this is an independent state. Ok, nevertheless a lot of people there are speaking Russian and there are some things happening there that might be of our interest. There are a lot of islands in
Estonia, mainly the islands are in Baltic sea. On these photos one can see a process of making a life on an island more comfortable. Somebody wanted to have a Lexus car cruising from one end of his island to another. So he rented a fishers boat to move the car to an island.
russian taxi with a corpse in the trunk
11 Corpse in the Trunk

Corpse in the Trunk

Have you ever seen a taxi car cruising across the city with a dead man’s hand
pulling out of the trunk? Most of people didn’t, at least until now.
gregory perelman, russian scientist and osama bin laden

8 Gregory Perelman and Bin Laden screenshot

Gregory Perelman and Bin Laden screenshot

This a screenshot of the article about Gregory Perelman, the mathematician who refused million dollar prize  and Fields medal, by which he was awarded for Poincare conjecture solution, one of the hardest mathematical tasks of 20th century. And now he cannot be reached by any media for an interview or photo. In related posts down at this page you can see a link to an article how Russian TV media number one took his old photo and changed his appearance
(his suit and tie) to present it before hundred million audience in night news programm. And here is a screenshot of Gregory Perelman article in Yahoo, and Bin Laden, the terrorist number one photo occasionally was placed by banner rotating system of Yahoo on the same page. You can call it artificial intellect but they really look alike, and not only in the terms of appearance, but both cannot be found for a simple interview.
You can meet Comrade Stalin for example, sitting on the common passenger seat of Moscow subway. Read more...
243 Photos made in Moscow subway

Photos made in Moscow subway

If you ever think about travel to Russia and visit Moscow, you might like visit Moscow subway. It's definetely worth looking. First of all architecture of Moscow subway is astonishing, I think I'll make a separate post about architecture of Moscow subway, because each stop, each station is so nice. During Soviet era
amounts worth of millions dollars were invested in the construction of Moscow subway. Each station is like museum, with huge patchworks occupying some walls, high ceilings and antique type chandeliers. And in those magnificent interriors nowadays you can meet people that look like really weird.
522 Unknown creature was found by soldiers

Unknown creature was found by soldiers

This creature was found by Russian soldiers on Sakhalin shoreline. Sakhalin area is situated near to Japan, it's the most eastern part of Russia, almost 5000 miles to East from Moscow (Russia is huge). People don't know who is it. According to the bones and teeth - it is not a fish. According to
its skeleton - it's not a crocodile or alligator. It has a skin with hair or fur. It has been said that it was taken by Russian special services for in-depth studies, and we are lucky that people who encountered it first made those photos before it was brought away.
First channel of russia changed cloths of gregory perelman photo. Read more...
4 First Channel Russia photoshopped Perelman photo

First Channel Russia photoshopped Perelman photo

In modern Russia there are around 20-30 TV channels, but the most important to any Russian middle aged person is “Channel 1” or “The First Channel”. This channel has the most wide coverage area and is being watched regularly by the majority of the population in Russia. I think that every citizen of Russia who owns TV-set watches “Channel 1” from time to time. So a few days ago there was a “Fields Medal” event, and Russian genius, Dr. Gregory Perelman, the bright mathematician who solved the “Poincare Conjecture” refused his award. It’s a well known story now, being discussed a lot. What is interesting – Mr. Perelman has left St. Petersburg where  he lived and worked, and nobody knows where is he. And even the national media number one, “The First
Channel” could not find him for an interview. They had to have him in the night news regarding his unclaimed Fields Medal and another 1 million dollar prize – but nobody managed to find him. So they decided to take a picture of the professor from the source known for anybody now, from Internet. They dug a little and got Associated Press image that was shown on different other medias. But editors in “Channel 1” decided that the exterior of the genius is not cool, they couldn’t imagine they would broadcast somebody with a brilliant mind and not wearing a tie and a suit. That are the traces of the Soviet thinking, for many years people were kept very strict and nothing changed now. Look what they have done:

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