11 Mud, Fire And Tanks

Mud, Fire And Tanks

Some photos from the event held in Zhukovsky, the Moscow region, called
"Technologies in machine construction". Mud, fire and many military vehicles...
13 MAKS Cemetery Of Airplanes

MAKS Cemetery Of Airplanes

In the background of International aerospace salon (MAKS) there is an aircraft park of abandoned airplanes. Unfortunately, the
territory is surrounded by a fence but many things can still be seen. The legendary Buran is located here as well, by the way.
22 Grandiose Air Show MAKS-2011. Part 3

Grandiose Air Show MAKS-2011. Part 3

Some more amazing
pictures of the show.
49 The Second Chance For Buran

The Second Chance For Buran

After several years of rotting in the open air on docks in Tushino, the spacecraft Buran will be restored, then demonstrated at the air show MAKS-2013. Recently
the "Buran" was brought from Tushino to Zhukovsky, where it will be restored and displayed. So let's look at the pride of the Soviet space industry.

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