8 Some Days After The Kazakh Oil Strike

Some Days After The Kazakh Oil Strike

Let us discuss the clash that occurred between striking oil workers and government forces in a
town in western Kazakhstan in the result of which many innocent people were killed.
7 Steaming Boiler That Exploded

Steaming Boiler That Exploded

December 16th, 2011 will figure in history not only as the 20th anniversary of independent Kazakhstan, but as a beginning of tragic events which took place in Zhanaozen,
a small city located in the west of the country. This is the commentary by Dosym Satpaev, a political analyst, on what could trigger the disturbance.
9 Zhanaozen Disturbance Aftermath

Zhanaozen Disturbance Aftermath

Kazakhstan’s president, Nur-sultan Nazar-bayev, has imposed a three-week state of emergency in Zhanaozen, a town
where 11 people were killed and 86 injured in a clash between police and demonstrators. Check out some photos.

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