Museum of KGB in Russia 1

40 The KGB Museum

The KGB Museum

This part of the KGB museum is devoted to the
Soviet Russian military intelligence.
russian old plane 1

47 Old Crash Site

Old Crash Site

When you wonder across Russian swamps you can
easily find crash sites of WW2 planes.
Russian history 1

49 Russian Digging

Russian Digging

Just taking a step to any village outskirts and digging a few feet deep inside the soil would reveal tons of the things laying there since World War II. Almost all the territory of
Western Russia was a battlefield so if you ever go to Russia you don't need to pay a visit to an antique store, you can start digging at any place and get your part of loot.
Fire Hedgehog 1

25 The Fire Hedgehog

The Fire Hedgehog

During the WW2 Russian Army was using a "Fire Hedgehog" - the set of 88 Tommy-gun alike machine guns loaded into a plane. It was used at low attitude flights to effectively saw off hundreds of enemy soldiers. When the pilot got above some Nazi
crowd the pilot of started fire, then the doors in the plane's bottom were opened and this Fire Hedgehog was coming into play, eighty something non-stop firing machine guns could really look like the Hedgehog from Hell.
russian tank veteran 1

115 The Old Vet and His Tank

The Old Vet and His Tank

This is so touching: an old WW2 Russian tank army veteran has finally found his own tank on which he passed through all the war standing in
small Russian town as a monument and got emotionally shocked that people worried his heart won't be able to cope with this.
victory day agitation in Russia 1

32 Victory Day Agitation

Victory Day Agitation

In Russia they have celebrated "The Victory Day" a few days ago. Most of the cities were decorated with billboards regarding this date etc etc. Some of the billboard authors failed big time. For example this billboard from Chelyabinsk city, reading "Happy Victory Day" has a picture of a few
soldiers on the tank. People from internet got a closer look for that picture and has found that these are... Nazi soldiers standing near the captured Russian tank celebrating their small victory. Below is the bigger picture. Some other fails also are listed downthere:
Russian Army in Germany 1

46 Russian Army in Berlin, Germany

Russian Army in Berlin, Germany

These are photos of Russian soldiers in
Berlin, Germany. Something about 63 years ago.
Lenin and Nazi
27 Lenin and Nazis

Lenin and Nazis

Just a one shot post showing what did Nazi soldiers
liked to do with Lenin monuments during World War 2...
guys dressed in world war suites near Leningrad 1

61 WW2 Like Reconstruction

WW2 Like Reconstruction

A few days ago an anniversary for the blockade of St. Petersburg city during the World War 2. For more than two years the city was in the tight circle of German troops. The front line was already in the suburbs and the downtown was bombed
constantly. People suffered from the hunger and illnesses. Tens of thousands died. For those who survived it's a great day, and those guys dressed in WW2 uniforms dedicate this show for them, the heroes of the blocked city.
Russia during WW2 1

328 Russia under Nazis during WW2

Russia under Nazis during WW2

During World War 2 the Nazi soldiers besides their rifles had also cameras handy and made a lot of photos of the conquered territories. Such pictures were banned in Soviet Russia because they didn't fit in the official agenda. According to Soviet propaganda Nazis were not much better than wild dangerous animals killing and torturing civilians and burning down every village they enter. Later, after the collapse of USSR some amount of evidence started arriving from abroad to Russia, showing that it was not so bad under the short German rule for the Russian people, some really enjoyed some freedoms they didn't have under
the Soviet rule. Like on the top picture people depicted throwing rocks at the Lenin monument. Also private property was restored and people could compete freely opening some businesses. Still such talks are not welcomed in modern Russia too because practically every Russian family has someone who was killed as a soldier during WW2 and accepting the fact that it was not so bad under the Nazis means to somehow reject the fact that their fathers died for the better future. Still here are some photos from Germans of Russian people and German soldiers during WW2.

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