8 The Construction of Olympic Facilities In Full Swing

The Construction of Olympic Facilities In Full Swing

In anticipation of the next Winter Olympics which will be held in Sochi, people talk a lot about the construction of Olympic facilities. But unfortunately, there are very few good photo reports on
this topic. Here we offer you one of them. Pictures are taken in Krasnaya Polyana (literally: "Beautiful Glade"), a famous ski resort located in one of the districts of Sochi.
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9 The Trip to the Majestic Icy Baikal

The Trip to the Majestic Icy Baikal

This trip to the Baikal was made by several Russian men in March of this year.
Many beautiful shots of the lake and its islands are inside the post.
3 A Piece of Beauty on Lake Baikal

A Piece of Beauty on Lake Baikal

Olkhon is one of the largest fresh-water islands in the world, and the largest and only inhabited one on Lake Baikal. An excursion along its shores
costs quite a lot but don't feel sorry for your money cause you'll get an enormous pleasure of this trip, especially if it's taken in winter.
7 Winter Fishing In Russia

Winter Fishing In Russia

Fishing in Russia has become mostly the paid pastime. But there are
still some places where fishers can go in for their hobby for free.
22 Russian Village in Art

Russian Village in Art

Tatyana Yushmanova lives and works in Moscow, but she looks for inspiration in the place where she had spent her childhood - a remote village in the Yaroslavl Region. Notwithstanding that she was born in the family where everybody
were mathematicians and physicists, she graduated from the Moscow Academic School of Art and the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Mainly she paints landscapes of Russian nature and portraits.
6 A Big Siberian Catch

A Big Siberian Catch

Chebak  is a species of fish from the Carp family.
Today we are going to have a big chebak catch.
9 Following In Beavers’ Tracks

Following In Beavers’ Tracks

Let's make a trip to the places where beavers
are often seen and explore their settlement.
11 Postapocalyptic Landscapes In Modern Russia

Postapocalyptic Landscapes In Modern Russia

Prosperous village Priiskovy was founded in 1834 near gold and silver deposits. In Soviet epoch it experienced its best
times, but was soon exhausted and closed in 1996. What it looks like now presents a very miserable sight.
5 Do You Know How Diamonds Are Extracted?

Do You Know How Diamonds Are Extracted?

Let's discover the way of extracting diamonds in the Russian region of Ural. Only 1% of
Russian diamonds come from here, but with  help of a very interesting machine.
13 Get Closer To Untouched Nature

Get Closer To Untouched Nature

Incessant rains, crazy winds of Kamchatka, sleeping in damp sleeping bags, gnats and wool lice are inevitable companions of people working in the Kronotsky natural reserve. But there is the other side in their work: they see the
most beautiful sunsets and daybreaks, their paths go along picturesque passes and behind scenic waterfalls where people usually don't get. They are often the witnesses of the most private moments of wild nature.

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