13 Faces of Soviet Weddings

Faces of Soviet Weddings

What was a Soviet wedding like? How much was it different from what we see today and from what contemporary
couples arrange on such an occasion? The first we notice are faces of people. Just look at them.
0 Video: One Fiery Dance

Video: One Fiery Dance

Women have enormous power over men. Sometimes it is even killing. This woman is just among those who know how to
impress men! Her secret weapon is a fiery dance! We hope she didn't lose her interest in this man.
5 Video: Cool Wedding Game

Video: Cool Wedding Game

Funny competitions and entertainments are normal for any Russian wedding. They are often quite alike and
coming to another wedding people often play the same games. But this one was especially cool.
0 Russian Yellow Submarine

Russian Yellow Submarine

This is how a wedding was celebrated in one Russian village. Apart from all
traditional entertainments they invented a new way to make guests remember this day.

14 Cultural Findings, Part II

Cultural Findings, Part II

It is not necessary to kill an animal to wear it as a collar. Some people in Russian
already know about that. Some amusing findings are collected in this post for your fun.
24 Badass Granny Hunting Brides

Badass Granny Hunting Brides

This Russian granny leads a group of gansters and is extremely wanted! She hunts brides
for ransom due to the criminal tradition of stealing brides prior weddings.
4 Dirty Dancing At the Wedding

Dirty Dancing At the Wedding

"Dirty Dancing" is an old movie but it still inspires many couples to dance. Its main song is often chosen for the first dance at a wedding.
The most talented and creative couples even try to dance it in the same way Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey did it in the movie.
6 DIY Wedding Rings

DIY Wedding Rings

It's nice to be a jeweller. Especially if you are going to get married. You can save some
money and make rings that nobody has. Here's what Julia and Alexey exactly did.
13 Real Feast In a Kishlak

Real Feast In a Kishlak

Let's celebrate a Pamir
wedding that lasts 2 days.
15 Ingush Brides

Ingush Brides

Do you like
Caucasian women?

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