0 Weird Military Installation

Weird Military Installation

Such installation can be seen today at the Central Museum of Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. It's devoted to the
WWII Victory Day. Believe it or not but they tried to create ... apple trees from the ammo. Can you call this "art"?

6 The Story of One Turret

The Story of One Turret

Tskhinvali, South Ossetia. In August 8, 2008 a group of Russian-Ossetian soldiers brewed up three Georgian tanks. One of
them was practically torn to pieces after the detonation.On the picture above is the place of the explosion.

3 Showing Combat Readiness of the Country

Showing Combat Readiness of the Country

In the post-Soviet history it was the most large-scale test of military combat readiness. The exercises held in the Russian Far East included
eighty thousand of militarymen, about one thousand of tanks and armoured combat vehicles, 130 aircrafts and helicopters, 70 ships.
1 War Time Exposition of Military Equipment

War Time Exposition of Military Equipment

Just a set of close up pictures of war time military
equipment standing on the peaceful land of today.

8 Mother Motherland In Kiev

Mother Motherland In Kiev

We can treat museums in different ways, someone may believe nobody needs them and we don't have to live in the past, others suppose it's important to know and remember our history and culture. Some things should be remembered
not to happen in future, first of all it relates to museums devoted to WWII. There is a national museum of WWII in the foundation of the statue. We are going to see some pictures from there right now.
6 Examining Two Soviet Tanks

Examining Two Soviet Tanks

Some pictures of the Soviet tanks Su and Isu at the places of their
last stands. The first one is closed, the second is opened.

6 July 22nd, 1941

July 22nd, 1941

Pictures of the war reconstruction arranged by activists who tried
to bring the events of July, 22nd, 1941 back from the past.
6 Different Sides of the War

Different Sides of the War

WWII not only showed a lot of heroes but also revealed many talents. Personal tragedies and worries were an incitement to create brilliant masterpieces. Natalya Bode was one of those people who
proved this fact. You can see not only war itself on her photographs but also life at the war with its sorrow, difficulties, friendship, faithfulness, tenderness and even humor.
10 Great Power of One Museum Exposition

Great Power of One Museum Exposition

Some pictures from the Museum of the Military Equipment "Battle Honour of Ural", the exposition of aviation. This place can be highly recommended to be visited. It has hundreds of exhibits, many of them are truly unique. If all this equipment is activated ot
once, its power will be superior than power of many armies of Central and Western Europe. But today we are going to pay our attention only to military aircrafts exhibited here because the museum is too big to see everything at once.
3 The Secret Base For Storage of Nuclear Warheads

The Secret Base For Storage of Nuclear Warheads

Krasnokamenka was a closed city of Ukraine where in the Soviet times there were built underground shops to collect nuclear warheads there to be subsequently transported to launch sites all over the central USSR and some Warsaw Treaty countries. For almost half a century this place was being surrounded with myths
and legends but when Ukraine became an independent state the city was opened and all warheads were taken away to Russia. Today there is a strictly guarded base of the elite regiment "Tiger" of the Ukrainian police on its territory. Most of the tunnels were re-equipped for munition storage.

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