vodka from Russia 1

38 The United Colors of Vodka

The United Colors of Vodka

A new fashion spreads across some Russian vodka consumers - why drink dull colorless vodka
if you can drink colorful liquid made of some "Skittles" sweets and the fire-water.
Russian beer 1

24 Beer Fire Extinguisher

Beer Fire Extinguisher

There are many strange drinks can be bought in Russia, like a vodka in a plastic bag or vodka in AK-47 shaped glass bottle or even as weird as triple core CPU vodka, if you haven't seen them yet, click on the links to see. Today we discovered something new. It's not a vodka but a beer this
time. This beer is called "The Fire Extinguisher". After a short inspection of the bottle there can be found a step-by-step instructions of use, and well, it really can be used according to them to fight with some small fires, look other pictures to see how.
drink vodka in space
18 Vodka Space

Vodka Space

Well, what would be the best thing for a Russian astronaut to show from the International Space Station for the entertainment TV viewers in Russia? Probably
some Westerners would answer: "Hey, show how to drink vodka in zero gravity conditions!". And here the Russian cosmonaut drinks it right on ISS!
Russian photos with vodka 1

46 Vodka Now and Then

Vodka Now and Then

It seems that a bottle of wine or a bottle of vodka was a very common
thing even hundred years ago in the regular Russian party...
drunk Russian cabin crew
35 The Vodka Crew

The Vodka Crew

One Russian blogger has posted a short video from his last local flight. He told his readers that all the flight assistants - both males and females were incredible
drunk. They were not shy to express their feelings to each other and to the passengers and he even got it on tape, so here we have it too here now:
yoga in Russia 1

28 Vodka And Yoga 2. Walking on Fire

Vodka And Yoga 2. Walking on Fire

It is well known, that Russian people use vodka for doing yoga. On the one hand, it helps to relax and make different exercises that need relaxation. On the other, some
strong home-brew vodka can easily burn as a fuel. Drinking such beverage can allow you to walk on fire. Caution! Only for Russians! Don't try this at home!
museum of vodka in Russia 1

22 Vodka Museum

Vodka Museum

I guess they did it right when opened the Museum of Vodka in Russia. Where else they had to do it? There are 2707 different types of vodka there, some sorts are really rare, some not. We also had featured some weird Russian vodka packages on English Russia before, like AK-47 Vodka, Police Law Book Vodka, Triple Core Processor Vodka,
so we could probably contribute to this museum too if they had a virtual branch in Internet. Also you can browse all our "vodka tag" to see all the posts on English Russia that were connected to vodka, some were great. And by the way according to the last photo even Mr. President has visited this museum.
estonian man
34 Don’t Drink and Drive?

Don’t Drink and Drive?

They don't drink and drive in
Estonia, they do something else:
russian bus stop 1

3 Bus Stop

Bus Stop

This bus stop seems to be
popular amongst tired people...
new fun of Russian teenagers 1

33 Russian Teenage Fun

Russian Teenage Fun

People say that in some big Russian cities a flipped upside-down cars
started to appear. They say it's a new fun of Russian teenagers at night.

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