8 The Village That Has to Disappear But It Does Not

The Village That Has to Disappear But It Does Not

Would you be able to live in a village with population less
than 100 people? Let's check out how people live there.
8 Misharistan And Its Traditions

Misharistan And Its Traditions

There is an amazing place in the very centre of Russia, the Nizhegorodsk region. On the maps it is called the Krasnooktyabrsky district but the locals call it Misharistan. It's the land so much different from all Russia. Misharistan villages are huge, clean, with houses of good quality. Probably this district is the only one in the region from where young people do not go to big cities. If it is compared to neighbouring villages where Russians live, the last one are not the gainers. Misharistan dwellers carefully keep their traditions. You
notice it while talking to them or in their kitchens. And the Tatars cook perfectly! Nobody has ever left them being hungry. Despite the actions of the Soviet authorities aimed at eradication of their religion in the country the local Tatars managed to preserve wooden mosques - unique 200 years' monuments. Not less respectfully they treat ancient Russian traditions. Thus, while meetings or feasts, they have samovars on their tables and drink tea from saucers after the ancient Russian manner.
0 When Someones Child Becomes Yours, Part II

When Someones Child Becomes Yours, Part II

We started to tell you about the kids adopted in villages last week. It's another, second, story. The dweller of a village Chany, Elena Podchasova, had always known she'd have adopted children. Today, apart from her own kids, she has 6 from other parents. She even wanted to adopt one more
little one but her husband Vladimir doubts they can afford it. And they are not so young already... The first step is the hardest. Then foster parents are afraid of nothing. They are rewarded by gratitude and love of children whose destiny changes for the better so much.
18 Russian Village By Kseniya Diodorova

Russian Village By Kseniya Diodorova

Check out photographs by photographer Kseniya Diodorova who reflects
life as it is in the Russian village of the Republic of Karelia.
6 A Village Of Bee Keepers In Bashkiria

A Village Of Bee Keepers In Bashkiria

Bee keepers who have been gathering wild honey for several hundred years, live in a small village in Bashkiria. This
is a story about thir carefree life which will help  you relax and forget about your everyday problems.

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