2 Dont Drink

Dont Drink

Drinking is not that fun as it seemed from the beginning as a shovel turned out to be such a thing that can be used in many
various, sometimes dangerous ways. Russian villagers entertainment went wrong. Just watch this video till the very end.

6 Life of a Large Family In the Belorussian Village

Life of a Large Family In the Belorussian Village

You are about to see how a family with five
children lives in a village of Belarus.

9 Somebody Built Himself a Castle

Somebody Built Himself a Castle

This castle in the village not far from Tolyatti seems to be some 3D picture or illusion but it's more than real. One of the
local villagers just realized his dream - built this castle and called it in the name of his father - "Garibaldi".
3 News From Russian Roads, Part 65

News From Russian Roads, Part 65

When a car gets stuck in mud far from the city, almost nothing can help it to drive out. Even
if someone, who lives in thу nearby village, decided to help, it will hardly work.
11 Strange Folk Winter Holiday

Strange Folk Winter Holiday

This folk holiday looks rather strange even to many Russians. And we cannot say for sure what is
happening on these photos ourselves. But these people seem to have fun being dressed like this.

16 Can You Live a Life Like This?

Can You Live a Life Like This?

While some people are mastering nanotechnologies and launching satellites, others live an old life or a bit worse. Only about 100 people remained in the village of Novoyemakovka in the Omsk region. They have no Internet or mobile connection, and guest
workers do not stay there for long. But they have a farm where villagers work. But we want to tell about one Russian woman, Lubov Andreevna Lavrentyeva, the pride of the whole region, repeated winner of various livestock competitions.

4 Video: Wild Boar Village Rodeo

Video: Wild Boar Village Rodeo

We have many entertainments in cities, but how should people have fun in villages?
Sometimes they find ways which make city citizens laugh. Check out the Russian village

23 Nazi Soldier in the Russian Village

Nazi Soldier in the Russian Village

Asmus Remmer was a German photographer who specialized in portraiture, genre and landscape photography. He had his own photo studio and lab. In the period from
1940-1945 he was an infantry soldier of Wehrmacht. In May 1945 he found himself in the American POW camp which he left in autumn of the same year.

2 Village Creativity: DIY Snowmobile

Village Creativity: DIY Snowmobile

How can a villager move along snow in Russia? When they have no offroad cars it comes to
village creativity. This snowmobile was made from towage vehicle and was called a "motodog".

5 Village Art

Village Art

2013 is the year of a snake according to the Eastern calendar. In one village of Yakutia locals made the symbol of the year from... cow manure. Now the weird cobra stands in the centre of the village and promises to
bring happiness and prosperity in 2013. To make the sculpture they needed 300-400 kg of cow manure. The villagers themselves and guests of the Yakut village like to take photos with the manure snake.

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