5 Mysteries of Ural

Mysteries of Ural

Ural naturally divides Europe from Asia. This land keeps many secrets that have been puzzling
scientists for centuries. We are going to tell about some of them in this publication.

1 One Day At Near Polar Ural: Helicopter Flight For Fishing

One Day At Near Polar Ural: Helicopter Flight For Fishing

Here is one day from the life of Usik Markosyan who lives in a village Saranpaul of the Khanty-Mansiysk region, a beautiful and interesting polar place. Usik tried to attract tourists there
many years ago but didn't succeed much. However he learned many things about the place and found a lot of friends. Well, let's go back to June 15, 2014 to spend it with Usik.

0 Half Siberian, Half Ural City From Above

Half Siberian, Half Ural City From Above

Chelyabinsk is a Ural city with population of 1,13 million people. It's one of the biggest industrial centers of the country. By the way, it's partially situated in the Ural territory,
and partially in the territory of Siberia. This separation is geological. The western part of the city is a granite one, the eastern one is in the zone of sedimentary rocks.
6 The Biggest Command Ship In The World

The Biggest Command Ship In The World

The "Ural" was a command ship operated by the Soviet Navy. She was intended to be a communications
vessel. The electronics and combat missions of this ship used to be closely guarded secrets.
1 Deep In the Mine of the Nineteenth Century

Deep In the Mine of the Nineteenth Century

The history of this mine started back in the XIX century and it has been repeatedly widened and
deepened since then. Later it became the part of another, larger mine, that is having hard times now.
2 Underground Christmas Party

Underground Christmas Party

Christmas tree, music, champagne, decorations, lighting effects, hookah, barbecue, fireworks, skating and good mood - they had everything to have
a typical nice celebration of New Year 2013. But the place where they were having fun was quite unusual - it was one of Ural mines.
5 The Mines Overgrown With Legends

The Mines Overgrown With Legends

This place is overgrown with legends. Locals say that it's the whole net of mines through which one can get from one settlement to another; people haven't come to one of the mines for 80
years, as they say. Besides, a huge shelter was allegedly built in case of nuclear war in those mines. But we are going to come down and see the mines with our own eyes.

17 The Nation Trying to Survive

The Nation Trying to Survive

According to the data of 2010 only 550 thousand Mari remained in the world. They are simple and humble people, they do what the authorities want them to do. They have their own republic - Mari El. However a big Mari group (about twenty four thousand
people) lives far from their capital Yoshkar-Ola, they live in the south of the Sverdlovsk region and are called "Ural Mari". Their ancestors migrated to the Urals back in the XVI century trying to avoid forced Christianization.
28 Russian Offroad Truck

Russian Offroad Truck

Even if do not know much about modern Russian trucks, these pictures might seem interesting to you anyway. Some muddy trials, stairs,
pools and other obstacles - all successfully passed by the URAL. This vehicle seems to be perfect for any evil Russian roads...
1 What Remained Of a Ural Pit

What Remained Of a Ural Pit

Novo-Ezhovsky pit was one of the Kalatinsky group pits and was opened in 1967, near the old depleted pit Ezhovsky. The
mining zone was almost in the middle of the top of Ezhovaya mountain and went 550 m deep and 650 m wide.

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