Russian stone idols 1

47 Russian Stone Idols of Komi

Russian Stone Idols of Komi

This is one of the most mysterious places of Russian North. Those stone idols attract tourists from all the Russia. They stand alone
on the wide plateau with no any stones or mountains around. Who built them? What for? Those questions have no answers.
moscow taxi
11 Moscow Taxi

Moscow Taxi

When you travel to Russia, choose your taxi carefully! Or you
might get a ride with anybody like this Moscow taxi cab...
more victims of russian roads 1

21 No Off-Road Please

No Off-Road Please

You go travel to Russia - you should know - no any move from the paved road or you can get stuck like
those municipals on the photos below or even like this powerful military missile prime mover.
st.petersburg, russia 1

24 St. Petersburg Streets

St. Petersburg Streets

Sometimes streets of St. Petersburg, one of the most
beautiful Russian cities, look like this.
go live in Russia
30 Live in Russia

Live in Russia

It might have be a good promo for immigration program to Russia
supported by Russian government for geeks and RPG lovers.
russian traffic light
16 New Type of Traffic Light

New Type of Traffic Light

When you plan go travel to Russia remember to study the manuals from way new traffic
lights installed on some streets. Like this one. photo: shadow-of-irbis

34 Russian Ads by Mr.Evil

Russian Ads by Mr.Evil

These are works of Russian net-artist Mr.Evil. He often published his own view on different things in Russia, including these ads. A few days ago he was visited by people from Russian police. All his printed works were
confiscated and he was told not to leave the city or he would regret a lot. That's a real story of a real person, happening these days in Russia. The ad above is for Russian cloths brand "Extra".

31 Some Daily Photos 5

Some Daily Photos 5

Here are some more daily shots from Russian streets. Here on the first pic author claims that in Russia there
are drive-ins for train drivers. Is that really so? Russian bus drivers read books while driving.
sos booth
11 SOS Booth

SOS Booth

If you fill like in need of some urgent help while on travel to Russia, visiting Moscow, then you can try to use this Orange SOS Booth. It has a user-friendly interface with only one button "CALL" , so the
language barrier won't be a barrier at all. All other parts of those SOS booths are made of hard metal so it's intended for a long living in somehow unfriendly environment it is placed to stand.
102 Russian Siberia at Winter

Russian Siberia at Winter

Those Russian guys made photos of their travel across Siberia in January 2006.
The average temperature outside was -60 F. Yes, minus sixty fahrenheit.

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