2 Huge Boiling Station to Heat Million Houses

Huge Boiling Station to Heat Million Houses

All houses in Russian cities are heated by one source, which is called TPP (thermal power plant). They heat water and spread it over the city via special hot pipes to provide warmth to houses. Krasnoyarsk is a big Russian
city where eight months of a year are freezing cold. And how can such a large Siberian city be heated from one source? It's impossible. So the city has three sources like this. One of them is TPP - 3.

2 Industrial Winter

Industrial Winter

Beauty can be so different, it can take many forms, be created by the nature or by humans. Here
you can see some pictures of Russian industrial beauty: smoke, pipes and snow of Kemerovo.
13 Are You Cold This Winter?

Are You Cold This Winter?

In the beginning of February a TPP located in a southern town of Kazakhstan suddenly went wrong. According to the official version, the reason for the accident consisted in severe frosts and old equipment. The news spread
around the country fast. Following the visit of Minister of Emergency Situation the situation was improved. However, a dozen of other accidents occurred after that. Nobody reported the Minister about them...

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