22 History And Cosmonautics Museum

History And Cosmonautics Museum

Military Academy of Strategic Rocket Forces located in Moscow is one of the best institutes of higher military and
technical education and a large research institute in Russia. Today, its museum opened its doors, so let's go in!
15 Gostinka, Abandoned House In Norilsk

Gostinka, Abandoned House In Norilsk

In the Russian language, the word 'gostinka' means a condominium with very small apartments. In the Soviet Union, gostinkas were mostly built for
factory and enterprise workers in the 60s and 70s but today many of them are abandoned. Check out photos of a gostinka in Norilsk.
3 The History Of Chiryurtskaya HPP Construction

The History Of Chiryurtskaya HPP Construction

On December, 22nd, Chiryurtskaya Hydropower Plant-1 on the Sulak River is turning 50. In this article, we want to tell you about it, show some file footages and museum exhibits showing organization of the plant. Soviet scientists have always known about Dagestan’ potential in water power (mostly due to its Sulak River) and
began building first hydropower plans before WWII. When the war began, they had to freeze construction works and were able to resume it only in 1948. Modern Chiryurtskaya Hydropower Complex consists of three power stations: Chiryurtskaya Hydropower Plant-1 and 2 and Gelbakhskaya Hydropower Plant-3.
11 Soviet Reality by Igor Palmin

Soviet Reality by Igor Palmin

Check out a collection of old photos by Igor Palmin picturing
Soviet reality. Chechnya. A shepherd's son, 1977.
15 School Reforms In The USSR

School Reforms In The USSR

71 years ago, they introduced tuition fee in senior school
and institutes of higher education of the Soviet Union.
14 What Is Left From A Train Shed In The Ryazan Region

What Is Left From A Train Shed In The Ryazan Region

Another heartbreaking photo collection is waiting for you. Welcome
to this abandoned train shed located in the Ryazan Region.
35 Soviet Cars For Export

Soviet Cars For Export

It's hard to believe but a lot of cars in the Soviet Union were produced for export. Thus, the Moskvich-412 was rather popular in East Europe including England and Germany. There was no point in advertising automobiles for the Soviet people because
there were serious deficiencies in them in the country. That is why most of the advertisements were aimed at the foreign buyer. Check out the photo collection and note that many of the inscriptions are made in the Roman alphabet.
32 Perfect Transport For Russian Wide Spaces

Perfect Transport For Russian Wide Spaces

'The Dmitrievskogo aerosledge.' After The Civil War, the country was left in ruins. Industry, system of education were almost completely destroyed. So, Vladimir Lenin announced the beginning of the New Economic Policy (NEP) which
was supposed to restore the Russian economics. Among those which participated in NEP, were various defence-sports and technical associations which played an important role in cross-country vehicle development.
54 What They Were Supposed To Sell In The USSR

What They Were Supposed To Sell In The USSR

This collection of boringly looking tomes was published in 1956-1961. They were intended for sales workers to learn about peculiarities of this and that product. There, you could find information almost about
anything, from ingredients of the 'Doctorskaya' boiled sausage to kinds of diamond cuts. So, looking at these tomes, you might come to think that in the USSR they had no food deficit at all.
25 Soviet Nivas For America

Soviet Nivas For America

It looks like America likes old Soviet cars and thinks them to be retro. Look at this Lada Niva 4x4 with a 1981 4-cylinder Fiat Spider
engine, for example. This 'Made in USSR' SUV was put up for e-bay auction for 6 thousand grands! An the price may go up!

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