3 Testing Aircraft Glazing In Russia

Testing Aircraft Glazing In Russia

We are in Obninsk, Russia, to see how they test aircraft and locomotive
glazing there for resistance to bird strikes and other impacts.
28 Russian Offroad Truck

Russian Offroad Truck

Even if do not know much about modern Russian trucks, these pictures might seem interesting to you anyway. Some muddy trials, stairs,
pools and other obstacles - all successfully passed by the URAL. This vehicle seems to be perfect for any evil Russian roads...
13 Bombing the Truck

Bombing the Truck

Some exclusive photos of testing the Russian armoured equipment: an armored module intended for mounting on
KAMAZ, URAL chassis - SBA-60. Let's see how it will undergo some trials and what it is capable of.
3 Inside of an Abandoned Lysimetric Station

Inside of an Abandoned Lysimetric Station

We're at another abandoned lysimetric laboratory. A lysimeter is a device which measures the amount of actual evapotranspiration released by plants, usually crops or trees. By
recording the amount of precipitation that an area receives and the amount lost through the soil, the amount of water lost to evapotranspiration can be calculated.
6 Testing New Military Equipment

Testing New Military Equipment

The 21st Research Institute of the Ministry of Defence is located in Bronnitsy Town near Moscow and specializes in testing military
equipment. Lately, it has organized a colorful show on its military training ground where a lot of new vehicles have been tested.

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