31 More Details On The Accident At Domodedovo Airport

More Details On The Accident At Domodedovo Airport

Yesterday, at 4.32 p.m., a suicide bomber activated an explosive device of 10 kg of TNT in the international arrivals baggage area in
Domodedovo Airport. According to official data, 35 people died. Unofficial data gives more depressing figures - 70 people. Many are injured.
32 Explosions in Domodedovo Airport, Moscow – 2 Hours Ago

Explosions in Domodedovo Airport, Moscow – 2 Hours Ago

Today, on January the 24-th, about 2 hours ago terrorists attacked Domodedovo airport. According to different sources, the explosion carried away from 31 to 70 lives, more than 120 are injured and about twenty are hospitalized in grave condition. Some witnesses say that there were two explosions but there is
still no official evidence. The Police is strengthening security measures in Moscow subway. Taxi drivers charge $350-700 to take people away from the airport! Here they are to show such sympathy. The Ru-Net is enraged with drivers' cynicism. It is the first video covering the incident.

4 Another Act Of Terrorism?

Another Act Of Terrorism?

Explosion at the "Europe" shopping mall in Ufa. According to official figures, gas accumulation at one of its cafes caused the explosion. 2 people died, 2 people are hurt. The witnesses have much
more less optimistic information. According to them, many people died, about 400 people are hurt and the reason for this accident is nothing more than another act of terrorism.
plane_capturing 1
26 Then-captured Plane

Then-captured Plane

Back in August, 1995, Russian IL-76TD RA-76842 plane was captured by the militants from Taliban movement. Along with
the plane an aircrew was also captured (8 people.) And today the story is going to go about this plane.
20 Terrors of Baksanskaya HPP

Terrors of Baksanskaya HPP

On 21st, July some terrorists got into the territory of Baksanskaya hydroelectric power plant. They killed two guards,  beat two
operators of the generator hall and planted five bombs there. Four of them did work. As a result two generating sets were disabled.
Explosion in subway

24 Breaking: Two Explosions in Moscow Subway

Breaking: Two Explosions in Moscow Subway

Kind of breaking stuff: just some minutes ago a few blasts shook two Moscow metro stations. More than thirty
reported dead already. Exclusive photos from surv. cams have been posted on Russian twitters.
russian show of maddona could be bombed
12 Madonna Could be Bombed

Madonna Could be Bombed

Today, 12th of September, 2006 in Moscow is going to be a great show by Madonna. It has been said before that Madonna was very scared of her trip to Russia because she was threatened by anonymous people of Russian origin, demanding her to cancel the show, that’s why she wanted the security measures of the show to be extra high class ones. Two girls, two journalists of some Russian newspaper decided to check those
extra measures. They decided to make a fake alarm clock bomb and take it inside the show as much closer to the main arena as possible. They had to pass five security checks.   First they have got a big box and an alarm clock that they put inside. They made two of such fakes, put them in their bags and came to the “Luzhniki” concert hall – a big covered stadium in Moscow.

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