4 On the Land of Herders

On the Land of Herders

It's the herders' camp in Krasnoselkup village in the Yamalo-Nents Autonomous District of Russia. This place is
often called "the region of untold fur wealth".  We are going to see now how real herders live and work.
2 Meet a New Superhero: Tentman!

Meet a New Superhero: Tentman!

Russia represents its own type of super hero: Tentman! Maybe he's not giving much hope to save the world if the
world needs it, but it will make people laugh. See the funny super hero and other cool video moments below.
16 What Summertime Is For

What Summertime Is For

One photo story of 8 friends who rafted on the Don river. In the daytime they were floating, bathing,
fishing, having fun. At night they were feeding mosquitoes and playing poker. Their route - 80 km.
15 Military Base #7 In Abhkazia

Military Base #7 In Abhkazia

In 2008-2009, this base has been rearmed but
very little has changed since then.
2 Shaman From Naryan-Mar

Shaman From Naryan-Mar

We've come to Naryan-Mar to ask Nikolay, a local shaman, some questions about his life. Nikolay was born in 1969 and grew up in the orphanage. He studied in several technical secondary schools but he never received his diploma. After
long years of looking for his place in this life, he settled down outside Maryan-Mar to open guest tents which are highly popular among both local people and people from other regions of the country. He's not married.

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