2 Survival Of A Pilot In A Forest

Survival Of A Pilot In A Forest

In January Russian military pilots got a chance to implement their survival skills under extreme conditions in practice.
They concentrated on many issues such as survival in a deserted area, obtainment of food, fire and water, etc.
0 Birth of a Drawing

Birth of a Drawing

See how a drawing depicting heroes of WWII who managed to
survive the four toughest years in the world history is created.
34 The Lucky Tu-154

The Lucky Tu-154

It was an unbelievable luck that on Septermber 7th, 2010, the crew of the plane carrying 72 passengers on board, managed to make an emergency landing on an abandoned runway near Izhma Village. Since then, the lucky Tu-154 has been called 'a miracle of Izhma'.
The company 'ALROSA', the second largest dimond-mining company in the world, which owns the plane, did not leave it in taiga but spent over 20 million rubles (65o thousand dollars) to restore it and make 'the lucky aircraft' fly again.
7 Elena The Healer

Elena The Healer

There was an accident 20 years ago. After lightning struck an electric meter hanging just above the
bed of Elena Potapenko, the woman not only managed to survive but also received an unusual gift.
53 Tragic Page In The History Of Kharkov City

Tragic Page In The History Of Kharkov City

Kharkov was occupied by German fascists from October 1941 to August 1943. During that time the city saw severe
damage alongside with other cities of Ukraine but managed to survive World War II in spite of that.
13 How To Build A Shelter In The Forest

How To Build A Shelter In The Forest

Have lost your way in the forest? Here you can learn read how to construct a house and survive, until you be found! A bivouac (camp) is a temporary dwelling for the person who has got in an unforseen situation. Therefore you must arrange the camp according to this situation. But
despite everything, if it is possible, you should build a strong, capital construction, keeping heat and protecting you from any bad weather. If for example you have been thrown out on a desert island or in a deaf taiga after a plane or a ship crash.

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