6 Dream Camp For Children

Dream Camp For Children

This post is about the children's camp "Ocean" situated in the Russian Far East. This is where a
group of enthusiasts have been gathering boys and girls from all Russia for many years.
8 Abandoned Summer Camps

Abandoned Summer Camps

We are going to have a tour to the abandoned summer camps on the bank of the Desna river. Children's laughing used to be heard there and the
camps were full of kids, today it's the place of complete devastation and the only sound one can hear there is the sound of the wind.
1 Soviet Pioneers

Soviet Pioneers

In summer practically all pioneers of the Soviet Union used to go to pioneer camps. They were pretty much different from contemporary children's summer camps. In fact they rsembled something in between
juvenile correctional facilities and militarized schools of life for pampered urban children aged from seven to fifteen which had to become stern fighters for bright future and communism.

2 Retro Cars of the Abandoned Summer Camp

Retro Cars of the Abandoned Summer Camp

Forests of the Moscow region have a lot of abandoned structures: some of them have already turned into ruins, to others time has been more merciful. Most of the objects are military or scientific ones,
and there are many summer camps. On the territory of one abandoned summer camp of the Moscow region there is a small cemetery of retro cars. We are going to visit this place right now.
8 A Tour Of Russian Abandoned Facilities

A Tour Of Russian Abandoned Facilities

Let's take a quick tour of abandoned facilities of Russia. We want to start with this
designer department of Dynamo, an electric engineering plant situated in Moscow.
12 What Is Supposed To Bring Good Memories

What Is Supposed To Bring Good Memories

People always get very excited when they recall their summer camps, because nothing campares with childhood
and its serenity. What will you feel when you see photos of these summer capms in the Moscow Region?
Soviet Summer Camps 2
42 Soviet Summer Camps

Soviet Summer Camps

Hardly in Russia can be found someone older than 30 who
hasn't been in a Soviet summer camp at least once ...

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