3 I Dont Care, I Am Cooking Borsch!

I Dont Care, I Am Cooking Borsch!

"We're at the lesson, everybody's
learning... But I don't care, I am cooking
10 School Of The Future

School Of The Future

Welcome to the Moscow Management School in Skolkovo, the innovative institution of the future founders
of which believe that our future starts today expressing the idea on the slogan of the school.
29 Golden Students Of Kazakhstan

Golden Students Of Kazakhstan

Do you want to know how modern students of Kazakhstan
live? It's enough to look at their cars to get an idea. 
23 How To Assemble A Medical Training Device

How To Assemble A Medical Training Device

Willing to see how training devices for medical students are produced? Welcome to one of the companies located in
Saint-Petersburg that produces devices for rendering the first aid and plastic skeletons. Click on the image to view the full
12 Celebration Of Thesis Defence In Russia

Celebration Of Thesis Defence In Russia

The Bauman Moscow State Technical University (MSTU) is one of the oldest and largest Russian technical universities offering B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in various engineering fields and applied sciences. The students on the following pictures are celebrating the completion of their
studying as they have just passed their last exams held in the 6th year of education. The procedure is as follows: pass your exams successfully, buy a bowel, a helmet and lots of beer, participate in the racing around the student's hostel and throw the notebooks in a window.
6 Playing War

Playing War

The 36th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade is located in Borzya town, the Zabaykalye territory, in 70-80 km from the Mongolian and
Chinese borders. This is a report from one the playwars of the brigade which was held on a huge (6 km in length) shooting-range.

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