0 What Cosmonauts See That We Dont

What Cosmonauts See That We Dont

Cosmonaut is a profession many boys and girls still dream about. Indeed, it must be cool to be up there in space looking at the miniature Earth and the stars, to take part in interesting experiments, to
contribute to modern science and space exploration. Russian cosmonaut, Oleg Artemiyev, shares what he sees from space and inside the spacecraft with all of us. His pictures are amazing.

1 Nanosatellite Launch In Russia

Nanosatellite Launch In Russia

This time we're going to a place in the Orenburg region close to the Russian-Kazakh border to see how a remote
sensing satellite on a heavy Russian ballistic missile RS-20 "Dnieper" is launched into space from the silo.

0 Space Created On Earth

Space Created On Earth

When cosmonauts work in space they work in a weightless environment. It goes without saying that they need to be prepared for such work. But how can it be done on Earth? It's not as hard as it first seems. Conditions closest to weightlessness are provided by ordinary water. That is why in 1980 they
built a water immersion facility in the Cosmonauts Training Center named after Yuri Gagarin. For the thirty years of its existence cosmonauts have spent over 65 000 training hours here, those who have subsequently walked in real space had the same opinion: it felt 95% the same.
2 Pool For Russian Cosmonauts

Pool For Russian Cosmonauts

Russian cosmonauts have various types of training and sometimes they train in a huge pool
with a 20-tonne space module inside. By the way, the water in the pool is distilled.
2 Soviet Cosmonaut Depicts Space

Soviet Cosmonaut Depicts Space

There are no second raters among cosmonauts. All of them are interesting, smart and often gifted. Thus the first man who walked in space, Soviet cosmonaut
Alexey Leonov, was a good artist. And it's lucky for all of us, because nobody would ever show space better than those who have been there.
6 Soviet Space Invaders

Soviet Space Invaders

Last century, in the time of the cold war and the technological race, the USSR managed to begin its space era. The country was very successful in space exploration despite the fact it was still recovering after the war. In the period since 1957 to 1966 there were launched
more than 180 space objects, the first man was sent to space, the Moon, the Mars and the Venice started to be explored, many fundamental discoveries were made. To recall how the space was invaded we are going to the museum of cosmonautics in Moscow.

5 Tsar Rocket

Tsar Rocket

A super heavy rocket-carrier N-1 was also called "Tsar-rocket" because of its impressive dimensions. Its all-up weight is almost 2500 tons, its height - 110 meters. The goals it was created for were rather
big as well. It had to strengthen the defence of the country, improve scientific and economic programs, manned interplanetary transfer. However this rocket was never used as intended.
4 The Secret Space Hangar, Part II

The Secret Space Hangar, Part II

More pictures from the secret space hangar of the research
and manufacturing association named after S. A. Lavochkin.

0 Secret Hangar 18

Secret Hangar 18

The research and manufacturing association named after S. A. Lavochkin has been bringing all Soviet and Russian interplanetary missions to life since 1965. And it functions within the
security system, of course. The association has a museum and an interesting object which is called "Hangar 18". This very object is the very place we are going to right now.
2 Olympic Torch Flew Into Space

Olympic Torch Flew Into Space

In November 7th, "Soyuz TMA-11M" space ship flew to the ISS with an Olympic torch aboard from the Baikonur
cosmodrome. In November 9th the torch was taken out of the ship in the open space by Russian cosmonauts.

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