1 Stange Soviet Scientific Object Or the Kingdom of Mirrors

Stange Soviet Scientific Object Or the Kingdom of Mirrors

How can you be sure if the probe you are about to send to the Mars won't burn out? Where can you check this? Or how can you make a "sun knife" that is able to cut any materials and even evaporate metals? Or how can you
generate the temperature of 4 000 C from sunlight? All this - just by means of a sunbeam! Answers to these questions can be obtained at the place few know about. You are invited to visit this place right now.
1 Soviet Storm Factory

Soviet Storm Factory

Did you know that there were places where they created "storm in a teacup"? Almost literally. The structure was actually called a storm pool but it didn't resemble a pool at all. It sooner resembled that very teacup. Or a glass. Water was collected inside
between the glass walls and in the upper part of the structure there were fans that created storm. Inside the "teapot" was a small tower. Such a water collider that was considered to be strange and unneeded structure by many people...

1 Communication Station Called Dragon

Communication Station Called Dragon

There is an interesting place in Magadan, Russia, which continuously attracts bored youngsters. Enourmously huge red-white mattresses standing on top
of the hill. They appeared in the end of the 60s to become a part of the complex of tropospheric radio-relay communication called "North".

11 Soviet Foodstuff Catalogue

Soviet Foodstuff Catalogue

These are some images of the Soviet foodstuff catalogue. But probably not so
many Soviet families could put such food on their tables every day...
11 Date With Lena M

Date With Lena M

Back in the mid 1950s there was made a decision in the USSR to develop new radar stations not as mobile, but stationary ones. It allowed to create big antennas, not to save on equipment and its dimensions,
and to protect this equipment from frost and heat. One of such radar stations was named Lena M or P-70.  The station was built in 1960-68 for operation on the long frontiers of the country.

1 The School of the Soviet Epoch

The School of the Soviet Epoch

Just some black and white pictures
of a Soviet school dated 1987.
3 Soviet Photography 1917-1940

Soviet Photography 1917-1940

A set of interesting pictures
of the early Soviet times.

2 Aircraft Command And Tracking Station SKIP 976

Aircraft Command And Tracking Station SKIP 976

Il-976 SKIP is an aircraft command and tracking station. When ballistic and cruise missiles are tested it's necessary to fix performance of their systems. This task is complicated - if something goes wrong a missile cannot force-land like an aircraft and engineers have to inspect the wreckage trying to find the reason of the crash. For the same reason an airborne laboratory cannot be mounted on a missile -
if the missile explodes all recorded data would be lost. The only way out is to equip the missile with a transmitter and monitor operation of its systems by means of telemetry. Ground stations and special aircrafts are used to receive such data. Il-976 was designed in the 80s, it represents a hybrid of Il-7бMD and A-50. Some pictures of the aircraft are inside the post.

4 Russian Bear In the Air

Russian Bear In the Air

The Tupolev Tu-95 (NATO reporting name: Bear) is a large, four-engine turboprop-powered strategic bomber and missile platform. First flown in 1952, the Tu-95 entered
service with the Soviet Union in 1956 and is expected to serve the Russian Air Force until at least 2040. Some pictures of the bomber are inside the post.

1 The Book of English For Soviet Children

The Book of English For Soviet Children

This is a book of English for third-grade pupils published in 1953. There
are many interesting details in it which characterize that epoch.

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