5 Treasures Found In the Chair

Treasures Found In the Chair

One Russian restaurateur was given some chairs as an old and unneeded one from the woman who decided to change the interior of her
house. Having examined the chairs, the new owner was pretty much surprised to find real treasures of the Soviet past...
2 Soviet Pool Forgotten By People

Soviet Pool Forgotten By People

Abandoned Soviet swimming pool. Such an ordinary story. But someone will
remember the days of his/her childhood looking at these pictures...
2 Image of a Soviet Soldier

Image of a Soviet Soldier


3 Big Bomb Shelter From the Soviet Past

Big Bomb Shelter From the Soviet Past

This big factory shelter has an unusual layout, numerous hermetic doors which are not so typical for shelters of such type. It belonged to a defense plant founded in 1968 as "Rostov telephone factory". Under cover of telephone communications production the factory
assembled internal components of long-range missiles (various chips and others). After the collapse of the USSR the factory began to undergo serious losses. Inside the post: some images of the factory itself and of its bomb shelter, of course.
5 Remains of Soviet Mosaic

Remains of Soviet Mosaic

Old Soviet mosaic can be seen almost in any ex-city of the USSR. Those pictures were depicted in many various art directions
and numerous artists were paid rather well. They portrayed science and space, labor and education and much more.
8 Happy Soviet Children

Happy Soviet Children

This is a very interesting historic material. This album that glorifies Soviet power and the politics of Stalin was published in 1947, two years after the war. The pictures
illustrate life of Soviet children from the moment their birth. They are all happy and smiling. Of course! They were born in the country of wonderful communist future!

4 Soviet YAK 32 Created For Inverted Flights

Soviet YAK 32 Created For Inverted Flights

Yak-32 ("Mantis" according to the NATO classification) is a Soviet jet-propelled trainer aircraft, one-seat version of Yak-30. Intended for inverted flights Yak-32 can stunt with prolonged negative overload. It is only
300 kg lighter than Yak-30, but its flying abilities are better. Yak-32 became the world first training and sports aircraft equipped with an ejection seat. The aircraft has never been serially produced.
5 Stand Start Complex of Baikonur

Stand Start Complex of Baikonur

The universal complex Stand-Start of the Baikonur cosmodrome is one of the greatest monuments of the
ambitious Soviet space exploration plans. It's the very object we are going to visit right now.

5 Harvesting In the USSR

Harvesting In the USSR

Those who are older than thirty still remember how they were sent to farms for harvesting when they were young. It was
absolutely normal for students, schoolchildren, workers of public institutions. Did you have such experience?
7 Moments of the Soviet Life

Moments of the Soviet Life

A nice set of pictures taken in the period from 1972 to 1992 by a photographer
Vladimir Krykov: people of the Soviet epoch, genre scenes and events.

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