1 Self Propelled Soviet Howitzer

Self Propelled Soviet Howitzer

Some images of a Soviet self-propelled
howitzer "Kondesator" ("Condenser")
0 The Famous Soviet Fountain

The Famous Soviet Fountain

Fountain "Kolos" ("Ear") is one of the three main fountains of the All-Soviet Union Agricultural Exhibition. It impresses by its dimensions and location - in the middle of the upper
pond of the exhibition centre. The total height of the fountain is sixteen meters, the height of its jets was reaching twenty five meters. The pictures are dated 1954.

1 Military Arctic Objects of the Soviet Time

Military Arctic Objects of the Soviet Time

Since the 1950s there have been built some military objects on the Frantz Josef Land islands including Graham Bell island. They were aimed to protect the polar territories from a possible invasion from the American side. It was an important mission so
many samples of new Soviet equipment were brought there for building and testing the objects. These radar stations standing on the islands of Graham Bell Land were among those objects, they are still in a rather good condition.
8 Soviet Concept Cars

Soviet Concept Cars

Some concept cars from Soviet times that are surely worth seeing. Maybe if they had another destiny and
a chance of development, the attitude to the Russian automobile industry would be different today...

8 Beautiful Soviet Bus: ZiS 127

Beautiful Soviet Bus: ZiS 127

ZiS-127 was an intercity bus designed at the Stalin's Moscow Factory in 1953. It was
rather beautiful and brought comfort both to its passengers and its driver.
1 Soviet Sochi

Soviet Sochi

You are going to see Sochi, the city holding
Winter Olympic Games 2014, in the Soviet time.

9 The Last Breath of the Soviet Military Power

The Last Breath of the Soviet Military Power

This country used to build its powerful air fleet, make jet engines and prepare military specialists. However by the 1980s it was hopelessly left behind in the arms race. Today it has an endless number of defence objects all over the
country. And this is one of them, located right in the capital, an abandoned area where jet engines used to be tested. It looks like a technical museum, but it is not. People have not cared about this place since the 80s.

4 Soviet Street Art

Soviet Street Art

Monumental Soviet street art looked pretty much different from the modern one, some say it is ugly, others feel
nostalgic when see it in old photo albums or little Russian cities. These ones were photographed in Bashkiria.

7 Soviet Military Might

Soviet Military Might

A collection of black and white photos from the archive of newspaper "Red Star" depicting military life of the gone epoch, when in the 1960-70s the
USSR under the rule of Leonid Brezhnev was gradually coming to the peak of its military might that was finally reached in the mid 80s.
0 Soviet Trip In the Early 1970s

Soviet Trip In the Early 1970s

Leningrad and Moscow on the photographs of one
tourist who was travveling in Russia in 1970-71.

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