2 They Were Ready with Massive Nuclear Retaliation

They Were Ready with Massive Nuclear Retaliation

Blogger samozvanka_0 with her friends have been to the Kaluga region of Russia to see narrowly known abandoned unified command posts located forty kilometers one from another. In fact a unified command post represents a metal twelve-level container with height 33m, diameter 3,3m, weight 125 tons. It is suspended by means of the shock
absorprion system in the standard missile pit. Each level accomodated its own specific equipment. The upper one served as a recreation zone for personnel. System "Perimeter" was the complex for automatic control of a massive nuclear retaliation. It was created in the Soviet time at the height of the Cold War.
1 Most Unusual Buses of the Soviet Time

Most Unusual Buses of the Soviet Time

We have become used to thinking about buses as ordinary iron bodies with seats, but some models can be quite curious. These hit the roads during Soviet times, and this type of ride was probably never boring. Let us begin with the
model whose driver sat on the second floor - NAMI-0159, 1972 (in the image above). The bus had three axles and a gasoline V8 engine. It was 30% more spacious than an ordinary bus, but was not produced in quantity.

1 Achievements of the Soviet Car Industry, 1974

Achievements of the Soviet Car Industry, 1974

It's a set of images taken at the auto exhibition in October 1974. It was held to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Soviet car industry (starting from the date of AMO-F-15 trucks production on
November 7th, 1942 in Moscow). The exhibition took place in November-October 1974 in Moscow. Look, what they had achieved by then. On the image above is flat body truck ZiL-131.

7 Secret Lunar Station Abandoned Today

Secret Lunar Station Abandoned Today

This must be one of the coolest, most unusual and least visited abandoned places of the Crimea. Blogger aquatek-filips, the author of these photos himself, got
there by chance but he didn't regret at all. The lunar station that used to be secret is decaying now and obviously its time is almost over.

2 On Top of the Pyramid

On Top of the Pyramid

Russian blogger Sergey Dolya has had another interesting trip and came up with a new cool story. This time he tested his physical abilities in Spitsbergen, in a Soviet village named Pyramid, to be more
exact. That village, in its turn, was named after a mountain whose top resembles a pyramid. Sergey joined a team of enthusiasts to climb the mountain and have a close look at its top. 

35 Unique Nuclear War Tank

Unique Nuclear War Tank

This tank can be considered a symbol of the nuclear war that never happened. Its construction is optimal for opposing to shock waves, four-crawler track undercarriage - to move in the conditions of a nuclear winter... Heavy tank
"Object 279" was unique and had no competitors. It had an unusual ellipsoidal shape protecting the tank from overturning if hit by a shock wave of a nuclear explosion. Let's have a closer look at the vehicle.

2 Unique Soviet Snow Mobile Zil E167

Unique Soviet Snow Mobile Zil E167

ZiL-E167 (1963) is an experimental wheeled cross-country vehicle designed for use in adverse weather conditions in impassable remote
areas of Siberia. ZiL was being developed under the lead of a woman, and this fact makes the project even more unique.

4 Highly Secret Soviet Object In The Center of the Aral Sea

Highly Secret Soviet Object In The Center of the Aral Sea

One of the most secret Soviet objects was closed by a decree of Boris Yeltsin twenty-three years ago. It was situated in a remote region of the country that used to be huge - on the island in the center of the Aral Sea. The island had a complex that was used for creation and testing one of the most
barbaric weapons - biological ones. Many years are gone as well as the Aral Sea and the island... but that ground is still there as a ghost. A Kazakh journalist and blogger Grogoriy Bedenko shared unique materials from his own archive uncovering the phenomenon of object "Aralsk-7".

7 Soviet Posters Restyled in a Modern Manner

Soviet Posters Restyled in a Modern Manner

Valery Barykin is an artist who works in the pin-up style and gets inspired by old Soviet
posters. The resulting combination is rather interesting and funny. You can judge by yourself.
8 Special Soviet Shooting Knife

Special Soviet Shooting Knife

This is a special Soviet knife designed in the 1970s at the order of the Ministry of Defence and KGB of the USSR. An ordinary scout's knife
had to turn into a combined multifunctional weapon. They made a knife with a firing device adapted for a special 7,62 mm cartridge. 

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