15 Top Secret Underground Object

Top Secret Underground Object

Not so far from Anadyr, Russia, there is an abandoned military city, Anadyr-1 (Gudym). Nearby is a top secret military facility - an underground self-contained base for nuclear ammunition storage. Its galleries are kilometers long, they are fully protected from nuclear attacks. Cargo transportation was performed by electric cars going along the light railway. The facility had two main
entrances and several disguised ones. Facility "S" was built in full secrecy in 1958. In 1986 all nuclear weapons were taken away from the base, after that it was used as a storage base of an Anadyr military garrison. In 2002 it was abandoned by all the military. According to some sources the base kept captured archives of the nazi organization, Ahnenerbe.
21 Secret Department of the Moscow Aviation Institute

Secret Department of the Moscow Aviation Institute

Some guys managed to take these shots in a secret department laboratory of the Moscow
Aviation Institute. Touch the history of the Russian astronautics and missilery!

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