1 Nanosatellite Launch In Russia

Nanosatellite Launch In Russia

This time we're going to a place in the Orenburg region close to the Russian-Kazakh border to see how a remote
sensing satellite on a heavy Russian ballistic missile RS-20 "Dnieper" is launched into space from the silo.

4 KazSat-2: the Flight Is Normal

KazSat-2: the Flight Is Normal

Half a year ago the second Kazakhstan telecommunications satellite "KazSat-2" was launched from site #200 of Baikonur with help of a launch vehicle
"Proton-2". What has been happening to the satellite all this time? In what condition is it now? How and from where is it controlled?
7 Clouds Inside Out

Clouds Inside Out

Photographs by Fedor Yurchikhin depict clouds of unimaginable shapes and
colors. It's 10 km to 12 km above ground so welcome to heaven!
22 History And Cosmonautics Museum

History And Cosmonautics Museum

Military Academy of Strategic Rocket Forces located in Moscow is one of the best institutes of higher military and
technical education and a large research institute in Russia. Today, its museum opened its doors, so let's go in!
8 Service Tower For Soyuz-ST Launch

Service Tower For Soyuz-ST Launch

In French Guiana (South America) from Kuru space launching site, they launched two European satellites 'Soyuz-ST' as a result of an ambitious project which began in 2005. The Europeans have received one of the most safe and trouble-free satellites and plan to make over 50 launches during the next ten years. The launching pad's main peculiarity is the
movable service tower which costed Europe 344 million Euros and was constructed by Russian specialists. The house of the rocket (let's call it this way) has a weight of over 800 tons and protects the satellite from heavy rains which are very typical of that area (over 500 milimeters of precipitation may fall during just one day!).
21 Secret Department of the Moscow Aviation Institute

Secret Department of the Moscow Aviation Institute

Some guys managed to take these shots in a secret department laboratory of the Moscow
Aviation Institute. Touch the history of the Russian astronautics and missilery!

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