Russian village fun

19 Russian Mobile Banya, Village Style

Russian Mobile Banya, Village Style

In Russian village they are having fun sometimes in some exotic way. The traditional washing places called "banya" were a must near every villager's house. But still there are some that don't have a banya and now the local entrepreneur Sergei has invented a mobile banya, village style. He got an old "Belarus"
tractor and equipped it with a real life wooden hot steam banya house. Now such steamy delight is available by call delivered directly to your backyard or you can even to travel across the village while bathing and then can jump out to the virgin snow of the village outskirts.
World extreme public transportation in Russia
57 World’s Most Extreme Public Transportation?

World’s Most Extreme Public Transportation?

Where is the world's most extreme public transportation service is located in? It can easily be assumed that in Norilsk city, Russia. Norilsk people say about themselves "We have seen snowings in June, our parents are going to the job in the column of the buses leaded and followed by
special snow clearing machines, our city was built by prisoners, when we hear that the weather is going to be warmer it means it would be -10, and we don't have any homeless - just none would survive at -54". This photos were made in the buses of Norilsk city.
Russian cat and Russian Dog
53 Like Cat and Dog, Not

Like Cat and Dog, Not

Russian cat and Russian dog are
true friends, just look at them.
Russian deer racing 1

14 Deer Racing

Deer Racing

These days is a great day for the dwellers of Northern regions of Russia. The polar night lasting many days before when the Sun didn't come above the horizon and the land was covered with the darkness ends. People come from all the regions to
celebrate. The main fun during celebration is the deer race. People bring their best deers and race, race, race. The looser deers are being eaten then, like, they did not satisfy the expectations, giving the big meals to everyone.
16 Strong Wind

Strong Wind

Now I call this strong wind. Poor
child can't get out of his school!
Russian ice cream 1

34 Russian Ice Cream

Russian Ice Cream

Now, in winter, the ice cream should have more of the warming up
properties than of cooling down ones. So does this ice cream.
Russia view from planes 1

54 Russian from Plane

Russian from Plane

The photos made from plane of the terrain of Russia. From the cold
Siberia to sub tropical Sochi. The one above is Siberia.
Russian plane 1

48 Bad Landing

Bad Landing

Sometimes landing
goes wrong.
Russian winter slides 1

37 Winter Slides

Winter Slides

And after the fall winter comes, so many children
wanna ride their ice slides and have a good time.
Shops in Russia 1

74 Soviet Trade System

Soviet Trade System

What did they have in Russian shops during the Soviet Era when all the shops
in Russia belonged to the state and the state was the only merchant?

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