16 Hidden Gems of Russian Internet 1

Hidden Gems of Russian Internet 1

With this post we try to expand a bit on gems of Russian Internet - the sites that do something unique that no other sites on English speaking Internet segment do. Well, on Russian Internet sometimes it's possible to meet websites pretty unique in functionality to other segments of the Internet. Today I would tell about one. People in Russia are happy, when they want to find
any songs they just visit an mp3 search engine and have all the music ready. The secret of such websites is that they browse through some major Russian social networks and find all the music people upload there and share with each other and then those search engines let the users see the direct links for the music or even download it as mp3 files.
8 Russian Satellite Photo Service

Russian Satellite Photo Service

Russian agency started an "alternative to Google Earth". It doesn't use Google data and only Russian space data is being used. It claims to be "an alternative for Google Earth with more detailed coverage of Russian territory". For now this detailed alternative shows only Moscow city and nearby small towns totally failing showing
something more distant, even St. Petersburg is not visible in detail. As for detail level it also for the moment cannot be compared with Google Earth - it is far more less-detailed view when you zoom in on Moscow city. But you can try yourself this early beta and maybe someday it would be really a good alternative.

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