snow terror in russia 1

13 The Snow Terror

The Snow Terror

"A new convict is suspected in mass terror, responsible for thousands of cars damaged and normal traffic disrupted all across Russian Federation. He's name is Snow and he is wanted by federal
government to be detained and appear before gran jury." Looks not very real? But could be a good excuse: if people can't control snow they can accuse it and try to sue it!
Russian lada for snow driving 5

19 A Solution for Many Many Snow

A Solution for Many Many Snow

When you are having snow like on the photo above and you own just a regular passenger car you possibly risk not to leave your house for days or weeks while they be able to clear the way up to your gate. But, there is a solution offered by
some company in Kirgizia how to turn any regular car into powerful "Snow-Foot" vehicle. Inside the post after some more extremely snowy landscapes we'll see the photos and the videos of that cool vehicle idea.
Russian storm and hurricane

14 It’s Stormy Weather

It’s Stormy Weather

Seems like Russia becomes a land of storms lately, the previously unseen severe
hurricanes struck the cities, like this one from Novosibirsk city a few days ago.
Russian flooding in Kiev

39 The Kiev Sea

The Kiev Sea

These days Kiev's downtown has turned into a small lake where everyone could give a bath to his car or
just wander around shoeless. People seemed to enjoy the situation and even smiled a lot.
Snow in summer

12 Snowy Summer

Snowy Summer

Would you like to learn more about summer in Russia? Then you need to know Russian joke: "We have a short summer, but fortunately, not very snowy one".
That's for example this is the city Bratsk, Siberia. It's being snowing lately there, making it to look bit Christmass rather than June.
Tornado in Russia

25 Russian Tornado

Russian Tornado

Looks like thanks to global warming tornadoes become a normal thing in Russia. A few days ago one hit the small town of Krasnozavodsk
near Moscow, leaving after itself landscape of destruction. People were shocked - they were never seen such before.
16 Strong Wind

Strong Wind

Now I call this strong wind. Poor
child can't get out of his school!
a storm cloud in Moscow 1

47 The Moscow Storm

The Moscow Storm

A few days ago a big storm clouds brought by a strong wind covered Moscow. People don't know what was the reason
for this, nor nothing was in the news. A few people managed to make a photos like this ones of the sky.

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