Russian google street view fail  1

19 And Armaments for All

And Armaments for All

Strange situation was caught up on Russian analogue of Google street view. On one of the streets of St. Petersburg city there are clearly visible people with guns in the middle of the bright day, looking like just got those guns
from some office. Taking in consideration that most types of guns are illegal to own for a common person in Russia, and clearly not legal to carry it openly except while on hunting makes this bit puzzling.
Crashing Russian jet planes 1

16 Russian Planes Wasted

Russian Planes Wasted

After signing the internation agreements limiting the weapons they went up with bringing it to life. Some photos made on one of the
Russian airbases at the end of 1990s where another part of Russian jets were trashed in favor of weapons reduction.
Russian AK-47 lane

21 AK-47 Lane

AK-47 Lane

Probably that's the only case when the famous AK-47 is being used in peaceful purposing, at least some parts of it. This ex-officer got
somewhere a lot of those and couldn't find a better way for them than to make the paths between his huts in such a manner.
Russian arms museum in Tula

6 Russian Arms Museum

Russian Arms Museum

Russian town Tula was known for many years through history for a few things were told to be the best if bought from Tula. Those were "samovars" - Russian giant tea pots, "pryaniki" - Russian gingerbread and "pushka" - Russian cannons as well as many more Russian small arms, like rifles for example. With the
coming of modern times most of the traditional crafts become more and more forgotten but still they have some weapon factories and gingerbread bakeries there, so the legend still lives somehow. That's why one of the first points of interest which tourists have in Tula is arms museum.
Russian AK-47 facts Russian AK-47 facts 2

52 Facts on AK-47

Facts on AK-47

AK-47 is probably one of the most well-known Russian weaponry piece. They say it became so popular worldwide because of it's high durability (it can go for years without any kind of cleaning or special maintenance) and extreme simplicity - it has only eight moving parts and can be stripped down in one minute. In some countries of
Africa it can be bought as cheap as $12 for one piece and no any license is needed, so even children armed with the guns. Maybe that's why some of the countries of this continent have the AK-47 depiction on their coats of arms, like Mozambique on pictures above has it both on its flag and coats of arms.
Russian armaments in museum in winter
22 Winter in Museum

Winter in Museum

In winter
museums work too...
Russian Fortress
111 Icicles of Brick

Icicles of Brick

This abandoned Russian fortress is probably one of the creepiest places I have seen. The reason for it to have such a strange look is because it was used later by Russian army to test the influence of Russian alternative
to napalm inside of the brick houses. Due to very high temperature of napalm the bricks started melting just like ice melts in the spring forming the icicles, but those icicles are of red brick.
Russian flying fortress 1
193 Russian Flying Fortresses

Russian Flying Fortresses

  In 1930s Russian army was ... by the idea of creating huge planes. At that times they were proposed to have as much propellers as possible to help carrying those huge flying fortresses
into the air, jet propulsion has not been implemented at those times yet. These exclusive photos and videos of actual flying fortresses as well as the story behind it.
41 What Man Needs

What Man Needs

That's what the
real man needs.
Russian weapons 1

68 Fool Your Neighbors

Fool Your Neighbors

Russia exports a lot of armaments and military equipments to other countries. Some more countries would like to buy it too but their budgets can't afford them to do this, so Russian engineers have created a full set of fake weaponry for some countries. If you
are a military leader of some not-so-rich country you can be as cool as your more wealthy neighbors. It would be just like a real thing for the foreign satellites or spy-planes, just bring it to the place, inflate and you are done.

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