22 Russian Boyle Competitors

Russian Boyle Competitors

While the rest of the world talks about Susan Boyle in Russia they have their own talents from Ukraine. Here are three of the most popular ones. The first guy from the video above... well he is not a guy if to be honest, it's a Russian girl, her name is Alice. She got rejected fast but it was ok for her. Listen now. The second girl is real Russian girl and noway a
guy. Nevertheless she got rejected too, but she argued with this decision. She was a big fun for Russians too. And now a real guy, not gal. He is a cop, from Ukraine, he is the only one who spoke Ukranian but not Russian, also there was only a one guy from judges who could spoke Ukrainian - others spoke Russian. And you say Ukrane.
15 Protect Your Children, Russian View

Protect Your Children, Russian View

This video footage is a social ad being aired in Russia. It's main idea that Internet helps unwanted entities to affect one's children. All the incoming heroes of the video ask if the woman's children are at home, and the come inside visiting them, except the last man. He asks "Is your small Anny at home?", then Anny appears with a bunny and he wonders "If that's your little bunny?", Anny nods, and then he says "Come on I'll show
you the real bunny" and they leave together. Then man's voice asks "In real life you could protect your children, why don't you want to do this on Internet?". They say the video might prepare masses for some censorship measures. Who knows, but the video itself seems to be kind of controversial. Update: And this is the version from Ukraine, devoted to the same task of privacy protection:
20 The Human Pixels

The Human Pixels

That's probably the most creative TV ad they had on
the ex-USSR in 2008. In Ukraine, particularly.
18 Some TV Stuff

Some TV Stuff

Some people ask - can you show some examples of Russian TV? So we would publish now regularly some stuff from Russian TV, like this one excerpt taken from the main Russian TV channel "The First Channel".
It's a whole tradition to keep this channel as number one at all TV-remotes in Russian families, just because twenty-some years ago it was an only channel aired in some parts of Russia.
how to send an elephant by internet
14 How to Send an Elephant by Internet

How to Send an Elephant by Internet

This is an AD from Russian TV about for the Internet
provider: "How to send an Elephant via Internet"
Photoshopped art-pack from the news program Vremia 1

9 Russian TV News in Photoshop

Russian TV News in Photoshop

In our recent publications we already told, that russians like to make internet stars from amusing or extraordinary people seen in mass communication media. In such a way appeared Chumazik, a drunken factory worker, and his
brother Glazastik or a Big-Eyed Guy. Now Russian Internet users made photoshopped art-pack from the news program Vremia (Time), which is very popular in Russia and have been in TV broadcast for many years.
vologda news tv
8 More Russian TV

More Russian TV

We had some Russian Financial News footage, now it's
time for Vologda city local news program:
Russian Stock News
24 Russian Financial News Program

Russian Financial News Program

A short video from Russian financial news program. It
was aired live, look at behind the speaking guy...
good night kids tv show 1

62 Russian TV Show for Kids

Russian TV Show for Kids

This is "Good Night Kids" TV-show, one of the most popular and the oldest kids tv-show in Russia, back since Soviet Times. It's being conducted by a lady surrounded with two or three moving and speaking dolls. Since 2003 there is Miss Universe 2002 Oxana
Fedorova works on constant basis. But less people and kids know how the show is being made. It stays so since its early time of Soviet television, still stays unchanged. On the photo below you can see how do they animate the dolls.
25 Russian TV Talk Show

Russian TV Talk Show

Russian TV Show - video powered by Metacafe This is an except from Russian TV Show. Some think it's fake, I also think it looks more faked than real. But it's
being broadcasted for all 140 million population of Russia without any statement that it's real so most of TV viewers thought such things are real.

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