Russian cars parked 1

18 No Parking!

No Parking!

If they warn you not to park the car here - as on this sign above - you better take it serious. "If you still park
your car can be damaged by trucks coming in and out". And how it can be damaged we can see inside.

17 How these giants are being made

How these giants are being made

Cars are absolutely different. There are some very small cars like smart and also there are really big cars. Really goddamn
big cars like these BELAZ ones. They are made for above-ground means, and each of them is a real rock handler.
Russian lunch

11 The Success Cafe

The Success Cafe

One tired trucker was heading home thru the highway and has spotted the cafe called "Success" on the sidewalk. "Nice place to take a break and have a lunch", he probably though and pulled over. Later, when
a pleased guy was leaving an eatery with a pleasent heaviness of the abundant lunch all he could see is his truck on fire. What's written down is not always the truth was a moral.
Russian driver hit

10 Beware Flying Particles

Beware Flying Particles

A story of a Russian guy going home by the highway and then his car's windshield hit suddenly by a 10 inch (25 cm) metal particle which depleted from the ahead moving lorry truck was popular today in Russia. Having a nice reaction a lot of luck he managed to lean left when the thing still hit him
into the right should and then made a nice hole in the back seat. The driver of the truck that presented him this metal thing first slowed down for a second but then probably decided it's better not to he got away to the next exit. So beware moving behind the trucks!
Odessa shuttle bus
24 Odessa Shuttle Bus

Odessa Shuttle Bus

If you had flight to Odessa, you could be met in the weirdest airport shuttle bus I've seen. Actually, it's not even a bus but a part of bus
towed by a Russian "ZIL" truck. And also it has an ad at the backside, this ad reads "Ceremonial services. Call agent to your home".
27 Towing a Plane

Towing a Plane

In Russia, sometimes, trucks towing large passenger planes
can be met on the regular highway, like on this video.
24 Russian Truckin’ 8

Russian Truckin’ 8

Sometimes trucking in Russia might be dangerous.
Especially when you need to cross a river or two.
Russian car without a wheel 1

16 Towing its Wheel

Towing its Wheel

Well, seeing a truck going without a wheel is not something we have not seen here, but this
time they solved neatly the problem with the lost wheel, see below for the solution.
25 The Screw Drive

The Screw Drive

When there is no roads a Screw Drive powered trucks come to help in Russia. They can go literary everywhere and were widely used by military as well
as in some civil operations like to rescue Russian astronauts after their landing in a Random place across vast Russian territories.
Military drop of kamaz truck 1

19 The Flying KAMAZ

The Flying KAMAZ

In our recent publications we've already told, that the first KAMAZ model (Kamsky car factory) was developed by ZIL car factory in the late 70s. Since then KAMAZ trucks have become widely used in the most different fields. For example, it is the most popular truck among common Russian
truckers who deliver loads everyday, and it is not surprising, because KAMAZ is the regular winner of Paris - Dakar European race. Just see it in action. But what's about Russian militaries? They went even further and made KAMAZ fly. See the footage below.

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