36 Two Sides Of The Russian Police

Two Sides Of The Russian Police

Take a tour to modern Russian police school and
discover a glamour surprise in the end.
Break Dance in Russia

24 Young Break Dance

Young Break Dance

Looks like break dance is popular in Russia from the early age. Also according to this
video it was Russian army guys who started all this break dance thing:
Russian girl is having fun
91 Dare the Train

Dare the Train

Russian teens have now new fun. They dare trains. This is needed to be done fast, because if one is appearing before the train too long before and machinist could see him and start breaking, so they run on the rails just before the
train so he couldn't start breaking and fell down on the rails, then the train moves above the person at his maximum speed, just a few inches from his head and back. Russian teen girls seem to go for this too.
Russian teens party
55 Soviet Party

Soviet Party

In Soviet times they
had parties too.
russian fun to walk on  1

25 Another Teenage Russian Fun

Another Teenage Russian Fun

Another strange fun of Russian young people. In city of Tomsk they walk on the handrail of the bridge above the river, 60
ft (20 meters) tall, without any security ropes or any other stuff. Just fully dressed, both girls and boys.
new fun of Russian teenagers 1

33 Russian Teenage Fun

Russian Teenage Fun

People say that in some big Russian cities a flipped upside-down cars
started to appear. They say it's a new fun of Russian teenagers at night.
46 yo russian man robbed by a junior schoold student
2 46 yo man was robbed and severely beat by Junior school student

46 yo man was robbed and severely beat by Junior school student

Police department of Moscow city has arrested a 6th grade student (6th grade is usually being attended by 12-13 years old students). He is suspected that has beat a 45 years old man within an inch of his man’s life and after that robbed him. This happened late at night at one of the streets of Moscow city. The boy spotted a man on the street, followed him and then
furiously attacked the passer-by. After the man was hit down to the ground the boy robbed him. He took all the valuable things the man had: laptop pc, digital camera, CD player. According to police the total value of the damage he suffered is around $2600. The victim is now in the Moscow hospital with numerous rib fractures, injuries and head trauma.

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