Russian Gangsters
71 Dude Where is my Harlem?

Dude Where is my Harlem?

Ah, the importation of cultural habits: Moscow kids mimicking American ‘thug life’.  While pretty amusing, and perhaps not
even surprising, how come you never see kids in Harlem wearing kokoshniks and taking balalaikas with them to parties?
Russian teenagers
23 Seventies and Now (WTF!)

Seventies and Now (WTF!)

Here are a few shots of Russian youth from back in the Seventies. Mustaches and Beatle’s haircuts
abound! For comparison, we also included some current day pictures of Russians (below).
road jumping in the city in Russia 1

46 Urban Jungle Fun

Urban Jungle Fun

A new fun is growing in popularity among Russian teenagers in big cities. It is rope jumping from the roofs
of the houses right in the middle of busy city day life. It scares passers-by but who cares?

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