8 Secret Laser Devices Of the Soviet Union

Secret Laser Devices Of the Soviet Union

In the beginning of 70s military leadership of Soviet Union had a great interest in laser weapon
development. Laser equipment was planned to put in space platforms, stations and aircrafts.
World's largest sedan from Russia

33 World’s Largest Sedan from Russia

World’s Largest Sedan from Russia

Looks like the world biggest sedan car was build long ago in Soviet Russia. It originated from Russian truck manufacturer and had a 38.8 litres engine (38800 cc). It weights 28 tons and can tow up to 85 tons load. You might ask how much is fuel consumption? We've got the answer, it had probably world worst record
of 0.5 mpg (or 120 litres for 100 km). What else was cool with this car is that it had two steering wheels from each side (don't know why) and there were produced only three of them, and none of them is intact nowadays. Also there is not much photos of it, but still we have a couple.
Looking Into the Skies
12 Looking Into the Skies

Looking Into the Skies

Nowadays many people believe that the Soviet Union was the first in the field of space exploration. However, only few know that USSR also had great achievements in another close field – astronomy. During a long time the world’s biggest telescope called The Big
Azimuth Telescope or the BAT was located in this country. Moreover, it was constructed exclusively using Soviet technologies and developments, which demonstrated the country’s leadership in the field of optical instruments. Photo credits:1
7 The Plasma Radio

The Plasma Radio

This video of so called "plasma radio" is popular lately on Russian blogs. The shown effect is very cool. Here is a short story to understand it: Location: Brovary town, Russia. Transmitter output: 150 kW Also used: old Soviet antennas, 90 meteres (280 ft) long cable. That's all what you need for UNSAFE experiments to receive radio waves. In the area of the effect of radio waves very big
potential difference emerges. Because of the modulation of the radio signal the electical spark arc starts vibrating with the human voice and begins to "speak". The intensity of current in such "radio" can reach hundreds of ampers and it easily can molt metals. Such electricity doesn't have any barriers, it can come through the thick tree. Don't try this at home!
Russian house

11 Shed House

Shed House

One might think this houses in Smolensk city, Russia are preparing for their summer skin shedding, and become more brown. In reality that's how the local house maintainers are making
houses coldproof. They just put raw PU foam on the walls, around the flats and with some time the fawn-coloured foam starts looking like this brownish substance.
Russian nuclear power plant

97 At the Nuclear Power Plant

At the Nuclear Power Plant

One Russian blogger has paid a visit to the modern Russian nuclear plant. Normally it is forbidden to take photos there, but they have made an exception for him. So now we have a rare chance to see what's inside of the Russian most modern power plant. This power plant is situated near Smolensk city. Its power
generation potential is 3 Megawatt and it was build for 8 years, from 1982 to 1990. There were planned to be four nuclear reactors, but because of the panic after the Chernobyl accident the forth block has not been completed, so there are three of them for now. Let's go inside.
Russian wooden mouse
28 Russian Wooden Gadgets

Russian Wooden Gadgets

These days when people going to be more green such devices gain popularity. Russian author of wooden mice writes: "Wood, as the cover material for everyday appliances is almost not used nowadays. Plastics are cheaper, easier to produce, faster - they suit well for mass production. Real wood is still can be found from exclusive furniture producers (regular furniture is made from plywood or laminated sheets). Saw wood industry is also mainly oriented for the construction works, thus the wooden material is available on market is of worse quality. Technologies of producing beautiful things from wood suffered greatly. They are almost, not almost, just forgotten. Just some time ago people could make from wood the things that look like a miracle for a modern
person. For example those Russian wooden clocks of the 19th century:" Such Russian clocks were produced by the Bronnikov family from Russia. For three generations they mastered their skills on crafting light-weight fully functional wooden pocket clocks. Such gadgets were true hit back then, among their customers there were Russian Tzars and other high society members. They were sending their samples to the international exhibitions of Paris and New York to make foreign people awe. The price of such wooden clocks exceeded of those of gold. Not many of those survived Russian revolution and communist reign. Those who did are a rare guest of antique shops priced at around $20,000 for each.
Remove cloths tag in shops, from Russia
43 Russian Guide for Tag Removals

Russian Guide for Tag Removals

In Russia they sometimes publish some things in blogs that might be considered unethical to publish in some places. For examples this is a guide for removal a magnetic security tag you can meet in dress stores. Person who published this says it's just
for fun, or for using in actual store or just to use if you got the item and they forgot to remove the tag in the store so you can do it by yourself. It's kind of his disclaimer. So if to get back to the guide all one would need is
11 Russian Wireless Phone from 1958

Russian Wireless Phone from 1958

This is and excerpt from the article of Russian newspaper back from 1958. It tells that: "Young Soviet engineer has assembled a wireless phone that can be connected to the city phone line via 'electro-magnetic' waves. The new model of his phone has a size not more than two cigarette boxes and weights 500g (together with the battery), thanks to this the device can be widely used not only for organizations but also for the personal use. Using this pocket radio phone anyone can call landline number from wherever he is and also he can be called by any landline user." It sounds bit naive these days, but if back in 1958 it could be
really innovative and advanced, especially for a Soviet Russian citizen who was not got used to a gadget abundance. Russian authorities didn't let this happen, the device was not in mass production, and was not available for general public, probably for security and censorship reasons states had in mind, so Russian people had a chance to get the personal mobile phone only after Soviet Union collapsed - just 20 years ago first cell phones and other modification of mobile devices appeared on sale in Russia. On photo there is that "Young Soviet engineer together with his phone".
phone charger made of wood
22 Wooden Cell Phone Charger

Wooden Cell Phone Charger

We've mentioned these wooden cell phones made in Russia before, but now
there is a charger that could fit it well by design, it's below:

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