Russian submarines

22 The Northern Fleet Submarines

The Northern Fleet Submarines

Russian Northern fleet is mainly based on shores of the White Sea and the Arctic Ocean. It has some great looking
large submarines that are often a good thing to look to feel what huge machines people can build.
World's Biggest Submarine - Russian Submarine Typhoon
160 Worlds Biggest Submarine [with pics]

Worlds Biggest Submarine [with pics]

This is submarine "Typhoon" as it was called in NATO documents or "Shark" as it was called in Russia. It is considered to be the biggest submarine in the world, with over than 170 meters (515 feet) long and 23 meter (70 feet) wide. It can carry 20 ballistic nuclear
missiles and there were only six of those built. Only 3 left intact, but are staying now out of service with armament control blocks detached according to the agreement between USSR and USA signed by M. Gorbachev. Without those they are way too peaceful.
Russian submarines 1

21 Russian Polar Submarines 2

Russian Polar Submarines 2

This is like a next part of this post about Russian
submarines from the North. Now archive photos.
Russian submarines 1

33 Polar Submarines

Polar Submarines

There are a lot of Russian submarines cruising through the cold waters of Arctics, sometimes being caught in ice, sometimes giving
magnificent looks to the dwellers of Russian polar villages, like a huge atomic submarine among icebergs of cold sea at dawn.

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