Russian toyota burned down
30 Don’t Park Your Car Here

Don’t Park Your Car Here

People from neighborhood say that the owner of this what was else was Toyota Land Cruiser was punished for parking on the sidewalk everytime he
arrived, leaving no space for pedestrians to pass by without a risk of getting some dirt on their cloths by the close contact with the car.
free wifi in Moscow
24 Connected


That's the way to stay connected even when you stuck in the traffic jam in Moscow downtown. There is
always some free wifi network around, just, for better coverage, you gotta leave your car a while.
Lamborghini in Russia, crashed in Moscow
36 Another One Hits the Crust

Another One Hits the Crust

Yet another Lambo smash took place yesterday in Moscow. That's the third in a row in last couple of weeks. Some people say that maybe
due to this economic situation once to be rich guys smash their luxury to get their spent money back as insurance coverage?
Russian legend cars racing on snow
8 Oldies Snow Race

Oldies Snow Race

In Russia they have legend racing cars
too, but they run them on snow and ice.
Moscow sinkhole gets more cars in Russia
15 Sink More Cars

Sink More Cars

We've mentioned already that there is a theory that Moscow city in Russia is at the top of the ancient volcano. Almost every week new sinkholes appear. This time again sink hole machine
has opened it's mouth and gulped three cars and a truck. First, it got a truck and then started growing to the nearest parking lot and started getting the cars from it.
Russian parking in Ukraine 3

14 Parking Sand

Parking Sand

What has happened to this parking lot in Kiev is following. At night there was flood that brough a lot of water and sand to the places below some level and then in the morning the water was
gone but sand and dirt stayed at its place, so when the car owners came to drive out from the lot they found their cars half stuck in sand, right in the middle of the city.
Russian car Mitsubishi 1

15 Pickles and Lamps

Pickles and Lamps

Russian drivers complain: "Mitsubishi Galant headlamps on cars coming from USA tend to break each every time there is a damp weather
and fog lamps on." But now seems they have found a great solution to this problem with the help of Russian pickles cans.
Golf got under road in Russia
29 Under Road

Under Road

This VW didn't get underwater, it got under road, as such thing can happen only in post Soviet space, this time in
Ukraine. The people had to escape through the bagage door as it was the only part of the car not under the road.
Russian cars racing in Soviet times
45 Soviet Racing

Soviet Racing

There are some countries where is racing is banned at all. In such countries they don't have racing teams or competitions simply for that reason. In Soviet Union, the place where a lot of stuff was banned, they still had races held and available for general public to visit the racing and there were sport sections training young men from early age for becoming a race driver. Maybe the biggest difference between Soviet race and race from other world was the absense of commercial stickers on the cars. In Soviet Russia they didn't have any competition since all commerce belonged to the state and all the goods were manufactured by state - so there
was no reason to advertise anything, so racing cars were clear - just with numbers on them, and sometimes the name of the team. Also there were no foreign car makes participating in Soviet Russia races, only the serial cars manufactured in USSR. There were no any V8 or V6 engines, no turbos or compressors - just plain 1.0 liter small passenger cars that were sold to Soviet people colored in some racing colors. Though sometimes the enthusiasts of racing made some tuning by themselves sitting late evenings in their garages to get one or two more horsepower from 60 horsepower engines of Lada.
Russian Lamborghini Crash
27 Lambo Smacked 2

Lambo Smacked 2

So it's a second day in a row they smack yellow Lamborghini cars in Russia. This one is totally different
from the one we had tomorrow and again smashed against something so it can't be restored now.

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