Russian car with many lights

18 Say “No” to Darkness

Say “No” to Darkness

For sure the owner of this highly modded Russian car would light his way up the
Russian roads with so much additional stuff installed on the vehicle.
14 The Out-of-town Ride

The Out-of-town Ride

What can be better than a nice
refreshing out-of-town ride in the hot
Russian car in Kiev

19 No Chances

No Chances

That happened recently in Kiev, Ukraine. The driver of a SUV got speeding in the city, then he was moving to fast to notice the warning lights or road construction signs and went straight to the 17 meter (over 50 feet) deep pit road
workers left uncovered on the road. Down there it was met by the pingles of metal carcass, so it was literary poked through, then same moment it got on fire too, leaving absolutely no chances for the passengers.
25 Sticky Road

Sticky Road

Crossing the road in the wrong place make
cost you shoes, because road is... sticky.
new russian trains

46 New Trains

New Trains

Now they have new trains going from Moscow to
St.Petersburg with the speeds up to 300 km/h (200 mph).
Russian cars

18 The Biker Secret and Cayenne Coupe

The Biker Secret and Cayenne Coupe

Today there is another part of some curiosities that regulary can be met on roads of Russia. This guy from Moscow paints his car differently each
season. When he is asked how road police treats him for such car decoration his says "They first smile, then ask to pass drug test".
Life in Russia

22 The Balancing Eggs and Unbalanced Fans

The Balancing Eggs and Unbalanced Fans

Some short stories and curiousities that are too short for a separate post. First photo is a small size version of the epic drawing made by some Russian guy depicting truely
epic fight between Hollywood heroes against Russian cartoon and cinema characters. By the click you can zoom it on and see in detail who is winning.
Moscow parking

31 Parking Wars

Parking Wars

And yet again, now BMW SUV driver has parked his car right on the path of the trams. Tram's passenger got very disturbed and surrounded the car in question, then when the driver came attacked him, but looks like the BMW
driver was in better physical form than the attacking disturbed passengers and easily defeated them. But bit later someone on the same car still got revenged for the wrong parking habit.
Russian lunch

11 The Success Cafe

The Success Cafe

One tired trucker was heading home thru the highway and has spotted the cafe called "Success" on the sidewalk. "Nice place to take a break and have a lunch", he probably though and pulled over. Later, when
a pleased guy was leaving an eatery with a pleasent heaviness of the abundant lunch all he could see is his truck on fire. What's written down is not always the truth was a moral.
9 Some Videos 10

Some Videos 10

Some videos for today. The first one is about the Russian truck ZIL which tries to beat the river loaded with saw wood. Second one is about some guy who uses something that would you never think of to fool the other fellow drivers on the road pretending that those are police blinkers. In the next video you can see how it actually looks like on the road: Road police should be mad, but they really can't do anything with someone having a pair of baloons attached to his SUV's roof. And from the great distance it looks pretty decieving. Next two about Russian army. First
is probably how someone might perceive it. And that's how the young soldiers entertain guys whose service comes to an end. It's an old tradition, but before it was called a "Train for Grandpa". The younger ones call the longer serving soldiers "Grandpas".Now they have bikes instead the trains, but the scenery is being generated same old way. Now if in winter they used ropes for group jumping from the railway bridge, now they jump without anything. And that's it for today, ladies and gentlemen.

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