Russian beggars
21 Not So Poor

Not So Poor

In Russia, many drivers are suspicious of those who beg for pennies at traffic lights.  It is commonly thought amongst some that many of these handicapped
panhandlers are merely faking it.  While many other people find this attitude hopelessly callous, they might want to take a look at the pictures below.
luxury cars in Kiev Ukraine
40 Kiev Cars

Kiev Cars

We’ve seen a lot of nice cars from Russia here already. It’s no secret there a lot of them: a British journalist once said that only in Moscow could he see several Lamborghinis or Ferraris stopped at one traffic light. So we wondered if this was a cultural thing.  First we looked to Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, another piece of the USSR that gained its independence not even twenty years ago. While the Ukraine has been less fortunate in terms
of natural resources, the stamp of Soviet heritage is strong and many Ukrainians even prefer Russian as their primary language.  So we deduced this could mean only one thing—there should be tons of luxury cars there too. Thus, we set on a brief examination of the streets of Kiev and it looks like we were right: yet another country with an average salary under 25 grand but with cars costing over $200,000.
Lexus crash in Russia

19 Lexus vs Lexus

Lexus vs Lexus

Lexus could pay those guys some benefits for this real life crash test of this Darwinism award winning frontal crash event when two lexus drivers were stubborn enough not to give the lane to each other. As a
result both Lexus suvs are non-usable but the drivers and the passengers just got scared and got no physical damage for their health. Could be a perfect ad for Lexus brand safety issues.
14 Russian Roads

Russian Roads

As Russians there are only two problems in Russia: roads and fools. But time is changing, so are the problems to deal with. As well
as the way to do it. Environmental, for example. Yes, Moscow streets are dirty. Right, Moscow cars are not squeaky clean.
Life in Russia
21 Various Finds

Various Finds

Today we are having some various finds from Russian blogs recently. Like
this brown fish none could identify for sure what it was.
Russian roads

11 Two Cars, Two Obstacles

Two Cars, Two Obstacles

Two almost the same looking obstacles often can cause different consequences if met by different
people. Same with cars. This Rover was less fortunate meeting the road fencing.
Russian traffic in Moscow

18 Satellite Jam

Satellite Jam

This kind of traffic jams are pretty often in Moscow. The reason for them is often the top security measures that are needed by the governmental agencies to protect the important people while their ride. This time the jam got on the sat images in Russian analogue of google maps so it now can be seen from space too. Clicking on the image can reveal the map
itself so that one can scale it or move up/down to see the real size of the jam. It's interesting that the vip cars are not seen on those sat images. The reason for this that according to the same security regulations road should be closed far before the motorcade appears. And inside there are some shots "from the ground".
Russian eight wheels car

13 The Eight Wheeler

The Eight Wheeler

Eight wheelers could be a good solution for Russian terrain roads and you still can meet some of the concepts from the Soviet past on the roads. They had a flat bottom and the additional four wheels mounted higher than the first four ones so that in case you get stuck too deep then the new pair of axes get into play towing the car out the deep mud. For some reason those stayed
only in concept mode and like this one bare the old white-on-black plates, those give clue that it comes back from seventies or early eighties, but is still used. Guys collecting old Soviet transportation relics can pay a lot for one of those, even if it doesn't come from any popular brand but was made by some garage genius with his hands alone.
Washing Russian car in Ukraine

17 Washing the Car

Washing the Car

It's much easier to wash a car if to put
it entirely into water.
Russian girl crashed into store

26 Visit to a Drugstore

Visit to a Drugstore

She went shopping to the
local drugstore.

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