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34 56 Examples of Crazy Russian Car Mods

56 Examples of Crazy Russian Car Mods

In Soviet Russia, car
builds you?
snow terror in russia 1

13 The Snow Terror

The Snow Terror

"A new convict is suspected in mass terror, responsible for thousands of cars damaged and normal traffic disrupted all across Russian Federation. He's name is Snow and he is wanted by federal
government to be detained and appear before gran jury." Looks not very real? But could be a good excuse: if people can't control snow they can accuse it and try to sue it!
doorless russian mazda 1

20 Doorless Russian Mazda

Doorless Russian Mazda

If you leave your car somewhere around this city unattended you can get a... doorless car overnight. Such "door stripping" operation can save an owner of the same type mazda car a few hundreds dollars if he wants to repair
it after some accident and the thieves can gladly deliver the needed parts from some random parked car. Before, the mirrors and headlights were taken most often but it seems to be a something new one.
31 Two Hummer Fun

Two Hummer Fun

What can be done to two American army SUVs in Russian
forest. Or in other words how to sink two hummers.
Russian self-made Hummer 1

45 Russian Self Made Hummer

Russian Self Made Hummer

Recently we had a Russian guy from Kazakhstan who has built a Rolls Royce Phantom at home out of old Mercedes car. Seems that this trend is getting stronger. Now meet a Hummer car clone. It can't be called full replica as it is more likely a Russian approach for the Big Agressive Car that can be used to climb mountains, to sow and plough thru the fields, to clean snow and mud and even to... drive underwater. "I have
only one oxygen mask that can be used while you are driving by the bottom of the lake/river. Once we were crossing some lake and the car got stuck in the bottom mud. My passenger didn't have a mask so he had to swim out to the surface to get some air and get back down to me to help releasing it.", says the owner. And yes, it can drive through the fire too! And now the pictures:
Russian self made Rolls Royce 1

26 The Self Made Rolls Royce

The Self Made Rolls Royce

When you have a dream you can try to get closer to it. If this dream is about some item you can buy you can start saving for it, try stealing it or... you can make it.
This is how this guy from outskirts of Karaganda , Kazakhstan has solved his urge for a Rolls Royce car - he made a replica from old Mercedes W123.
Russian cars parked 1

18 No Parking!

No Parking!

If they warn you not to park the car here - as on this sign above - you better take it serious. "If you still park
your car can be damaged by trucks coming in and out". And how it can be damaged we can see inside.
Russian road patrol

12 Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol

This Russian road patrol stays there for way too long. Drivers from
passing by cars wonder if the officers are still inside.
13 Really Fab Crossing

Really Fab Crossing

As Russia’s territory is quite spacious one and it holds lots of unsolved mysteries in it, there are plenty people striving to puzzle them out. Tourism is quite a popular sport in Russia; but what would one do
if traveling somewhere nearby the boarders of China and Russia he needs to cross the river and put his car across is well. You would think, what’s the problem? But the bridge is a cable one…
Russian policeman and a girl

32 To Give or not to Give?

To Give or not to Give?

"Hey young lady, it looks like you have broken three traffic rules at once
and..." After second or two: "Sorry miss, my fault, fare well!"

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