17 News From The Russian Roads, Part 21

News From The Russian Roads, Part 21

One dweller of a little town in the Vinntskaya region, Ukraine goes fishing on his own boat made from... old
Zaporozhets car! He decided to upgrade it when he understood that it's not safe to leave such a valuable car ashore.
News From Russian Roads - Part 5 2
19 News From Russian Roads – Part 5

News From Russian Roads – Part 5

Truly freaky parking collection, each
time you see this you are amazed.
na zdorovje crash 1

15 Na Zdorovje Crash

Na Zdorovje Crash

When the road accident happens its always sad. This time it was sad too, for the driver and maybe, for the freight owners who didn't insure their goods but not for
the locals who came to see what's happened and couldn't leave without hitting some "na zdorovje" - praising health of the driver and the company.
45 Russian Bridge Went Crazy!

Russian Bridge Went Crazy!

All Russia is sitting puzzled near their TVs looking on the... wobbling bridge. This phenomena is taking place in on of the Russian towns. The bridge stands across the Volga river and people say that there are absolutely no technical reasons why it should behave like that. It stayed normal for a long time but now it went crazy
without any reasonable reason - there were no earthquakes or strong winds in the area, however I bet you've never saw anything like that, when a heavy concrete bridge paved with a good deal of road surface dances like a soft rubber ribbon. Here is the video too. update: second video has been added
Russian Rolls Royce

27 From Toys to Royce

From Toys to Royce

When passing thru Russian suburbs on a train you might have a rare chance to see $450,000 Rolls Royce Centurion car resting crashed on a railways sidewalk among
the common for such places trash and tires, like an unwanted toy that is not interesting for the kid left in the dark corner of the yard.
20 Ingushetian Traffic

Ingushetian Traffic

Some ask, how is it to drive a car in Russia? Well if in Moscow or other cities it has some specific but in general close to usual means, then in some more Southern parts of Russia, they can get as interesting as this.
It was a normal traffic. Then normal people ran out of the cars, armed, argued a bit then continued their normal movement further. They say its from Ingushetiya, a part of Russia near to Chechnya.
14 With Car to Subway

With Car to Subway

From the title it's hard to understand what is this video all about, but it is just straight as it goes - in Russia, in Moscow specifically, you can go to
the subway station with a giant Toyota SUV scaring late night subway visitors and even police patrol (in the end of the video) won't stop you.
Black Russian People Policemen 1

61 Russian Black Patrol

Russian Black Patrol

On April the First fool's day the police of Russian city Krasnoyarsk decided to play a prank on the local drivers. They have got dark skinned guys dressed as road policemen to pull the cars off the road for paper checks. In Russia you won't usually see an African policemen, simply because the population of dark
skinned people in Russia is much less than one percent. So it was really surprising for the most of the drivers. Also, when such photos were posted by a Russian language blogger he was accused in racism. All because of the title he choose. It said: "And now we take bribes in bananas."
Russian porsche crashed

10 Porsche Siberia

Porsche Siberia

Owning 500 hp Porsche Cabrio in Siberia gets you to
have some extra driving skills. Or...
Russian olympic prizes 1

16 Cash for Winners

Cash for Winners

In Russia olympic medal winners win. At the end of the every last olympic games they have been awarded by state with some cool stuff. Last time it was something like Lexus
SUV and $100,000 in cash for each golden prize, bit less for silver and bronze. This year they get Audis and as for cash looks like it stays the same?

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