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10 Holes in Moscow

Holes in Moscow

So we had a few days an article on strange holes in the ground appearing in forests of Ukraine and Russia. This hole
of course of a different origin but it has managed to catch some attention too, and not only attention.
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16 Changing Road Service

Changing Road Service

That's how do they change a road surface in Moscow. Parked car can save the
amount of asphalt being used, they would form islands of no-change surface...
russian bmw m6
14 Having a Good Car is Not Enough in Russia

Having a Good Car is Not Enough in Russia

If you have a good car in Russia it is ok, but for sure not enough. If the roads across you look like this you need to carry a good bunch of
people to help you keep moving. Watch the video to learn how many exactly people you need for a good ride on your BMW in Russia.

11 Winter Roads

Winter Roads

In Russia some villages can be accessed only in Summer - when there are no rains and ground is firm or only in winter when ground is frozen and firm. Of course not on the regular passenger car but on some kind
of SUV or tractor. And during the spring and fall when there is a lot of water - none can access those villages. Here are some photos of winter roads in the middle of the Russian forest.
27 Traffic in St. Petersburg

Traffic in St. Petersburg

On this video you can see what happens on the roads of St. Petersburg. This is a mix made from the recordings of one
of the road cameras. People never stop on yellow traffic light, they alway go if they go - don't slow down.
28 Daily Photos and Some Anouncement

Daily Photos and Some Anouncement

That's an entrance door mod sent by our reader in one of the offices in Russia. That's another portion of "daily" photos from Russian life. Those series seem to be not so daily in terms of regularity just daily in term of everyday life as it is on streets of Russia. Also we would like to
tell you that we have upgraded comments system now we have threaded comments system - you can reply directly to the person you want 'reply to this comment' link under the each comment - your new response would appear in a tree manner below the comment you answered to.
21 Another Truck Without A Wheel

Another Truck Without A Wheel

That's another example of a truck on Russian roads,
without a wheel. Now it goes without a forward wheel.
5 More Russian Roads, Video

More Russian Roads, Video

Now another video of SOME Russian roads made by bad
roads lovers - Russian 4x4 offroad racing club.
21 Russian Car for Travel on Swamps

Russian Car for Travel on Swamps

A new Russian car to travel in the places where the roads are regular or not present at all. It can swim, go on trees and lot more. And
costs not much. And on the video below there is a newer modification of this car. It can also now climb on the vertical walls.
roads in ukraine
13 More Soviet Roads

More Soviet Roads

More roads of ex-Soviet Union, again from
Ukraine. This one looks really crazy.

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