28 Battlefield  –  Space

Battlefield – Space

Just one photo. A page from some Soviet Russian magazine of  the early seventies, from the last months of iron curtain. At that times Reagan was proposing the "SDI" program putting some armaments to space, which was widely used by Russian propaganda to scare people - giant laser beams in space - no way to shield from them etc. And for such an illustration the
"Battlestar Galactica" poster was used. Here is what the Russian text reads: Now space is a battlefield. That's what the American audience was prepared for by mass media long before Reagan came up with  his SDI plans. This is a still from the movie "Battlestar Galactica". As you can see there are a faces full of hatred and laser guns...
Soviet Road Safety Propaganda
15 Soviet Road Safety

Soviet Road Safety

In Soviet state they also have cared about the road safety. Though, there were some peculiarities linked with such propaganda. Like, for example, because there are not many cars in Russia and even in Moscow, like in North Korea nowadays, and the roads were wide and paved - so kids used them for their football/soccer games, one or two cars in
hour passing by didn't cause much interruption to their game. Then more and more cars appeared on the roads and such kids fun could cause accidents to happen, so the piece of artwork from above was devoted to this problem, condemning the adults who rather more interested in game itself than in securing the kids.
Russian Anti Coca-Cola
109 Russian Anti-Coca-Cola Calendar

Russian Anti-Coca-Cola Calendar

In Russia they started selling anti-Coca-Cola calendars. The reasons for this are not very clear.
Here is it. It's being made in Soviet stylistics. The cover reads "Chemistry or Life?"
German Anti-Russian propaganda posters during WW2 on Russian language 2

50 German Anti-Soviet and Anti-Jewish Posters on Russian

German Anti-Soviet and Anti-Jewish Posters on Russian

During World War 2 German Nazi propaganda machine used also posters on Russian language in order to convince Russian people that German army liberates them from Soviet dictators and that most Soviet leaders are of Jewish origin, as you know Hitler hated them. These propaganda was used in
"liberated" areas of Russia that were under short term German reign. Some historical evidences though show that during this times there was a reasonable economic growth on those territories free of Soviet "anti-privacy" acts. The one above is simple: "Down With Bolshevism!"

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