8 Neighbour of the President

Neighbour of the President

A few people know that just a few meters from the Kremlin near the Sofia Embarkment and behind the pompous buildings of the Russian Oil Giant, is a privately owned house. The house belongs to a one Mr. Victor Anatolevich Rozanov. One of Moscow's central home owners and the direct neighbour of the Kremlin.
Victor, a Professor with the Institute named after Baumann, is a 73 year old man who has lived in this house with his family since birth. He currently lives there with his wife. He briefly talks about his home, the history that sorrounds it, its odds among other twists and turns.
20 Story of One Photo 5

Story of One Photo 5

Here we have one more photo for the "story of one photo" post. As you might already recognized one lady here is the ex-first lady of America, the wife of the assassinated president Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy, later married to Greek shipping tycoon Onassis. But who is the lady on the right? It can be clear seen that it is some Russia woman, in some dress many Russian older women still are wearing nowadays when doing their household chores etc. So maybe that's a meeting of the US First Lady with some working class Russian women delegation? The answer is wrong. This is not a worker lady, but a First Lady too, the Soviet First Lady of that times, Mrs. Kruschev the wife of the Soviet leader Kruschev remarkable for his
speech in the UN when he took of one of his shoes and smashed it in the tribune in order to make his speech sound more expressive, if it was not enough yet. He was at power during the Caribbean crisis also. Then looking on those two it can be seen what was the real difference between two lifestyles of the two countries at that times. It's hard to say how much has been changed during the times of the Communism fall and then twenty years of current Russia as we know it. It's clear that nowadays the Russian First Lady would never wear something like this, at least when going public, but it's totally not clear if that's good sign or bad sign.
Plane of the Russian President 1

76 The Presidental Plane

The Presidental Plane

We've had already the glimple at the interior of the Russian
air force one here. Now there is a more extended view.
museum of vodka in Russia 1

22 Vodka Museum

Vodka Museum

I guess they did it right when opened the Museum of Vodka in Russia. Where else they had to do it? There are 2707 different types of vodka there, some sorts are really rare, some not. We also had featured some weird Russian vodka packages on English Russia before, like AK-47 Vodka, Police Law Book Vodka, Triple Core Processor Vodka,
so we could probably contribute to this museum too if they had a virtual branch in Internet. Also you can browse all our "vodka tag" to see all the posts on English Russia that were connected to vodka, some were great. And by the way according to the last photo even Mr. President has visited this museum.
25 Road to President

Road to President

Usually Moscow roads during the busy work day or even at weekends look like on the pic above. But when The President needs to pass through Moscow streets thousands of policemen clear up Moscow streets fully blocking them from access of any
cars, causing multi miles traffic jams in nearby streets, sometimes for hours. On the photos below you can see how the regular streets of Moscow look before the Russian president's motorcade and during its ride thru Moscow:
boat of Russian President 1

25 Russian Presidents Boat

Russian Presidents Boat

We had photos of the Russian Presidents Airplane and Russian Presidents Helicopter. Now its time for the
Russians President Riverboat. It is being used for the needs of the head of the state in inland cruises.
yeltsin last photos 1

24 Last Shots of Yeltsin

Last Shots of Yeltsin

These shots are made yesterday at the Moscow church where the body of Yeltsin
lies and people come to pay him a last visit. Photos by Mitya Aleshkovski
27 Yeltsin


Yesterday Mr. Yeltsin, first president of Russia passed out. Let's remember just a bit of him in
this funny way in these videos. We had most of them so it kind of repost. R.I.P.
russian president\'s guard race 1

37 Race of President’s Guard

Race of President’s Guard

These are photos from a race. But probably it is one of the most strangest races - it is a race of Russian president's guards racing competing to each other in order to prove who can drive
governmental guard cars better. In winter, with little to no visitors they ride on circles, fully armed with machine guns and flashing lights on, on the same cars they use to guard Mr. Putin.
russian president's helicopter
17 Russian President’s Helicopter

Russian President’s Helicopter

A few days ago we had big photosession of Russian president's plane interior. These time just two photos of the Russian president's helicopter, made on the basis of MI-8 Russian Helicopter. By the way according to Russian news media the agency which serves the Russian
president's fleet started an inner investigation in order to find the source of the information leakage. They believe that such photos should not be available to general Russian or international public. And those two photos are from the same source.

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