Skies over Perm, Russia

12 Pilot Says “Love You”

Pilot Says “Love You”

One Russian pilot has said "Love You" to his girlfriend in a manner
that the whole Perm city has learned about that too.
Russian DIY jet

16 A Jet from Cigarette

A Jet from Cigarette

Having just one empty cig pack like this or of some brand would let you to make a cool
modern origami of Russian jet fighter. Ten step by stop photos are inside.
Helicopter tows plane
33 Plane vs Helicopter

Plane vs Helicopter

Children often ask something like "Mommy, who would win - helicopter or plane?". Those guys from Moscow could give the answer
easily to such a question showing how powerful helicopters are - they easily can move whole planes from place to place.
Russian Ekranoplanes at rest
26 “Ekranoplanes” on the Rest

“Ekranoplanes” on the Rest

We wrote about Russian "Ekranoplanes" here. Here is one of them caught on the rest, maybe that's his last stop so
on eternal rest. There is also a submarine on the last photo. Is it watching so nobody disturbed them?
Russian mig jets factory
97 The Mig Factory

The Mig Factory

Russian MIGs are the most famous Russian jets. They were in production since 1959. They become true legend of Russian aviation and were exported to many countries. Sometimes they were used to fight against American or French jet fighters like in Vietnam
or in Israel. Mig factory was always top secret place during the Soviet Times. Such photos like we are having here today were impossible to make or publish at that times. But not now. So this is how Russian legend is being born.
24 Dope at 30,000ft

Dope at 30,000ft

If next time during the flight by Russian airline you'll notice that the flight attendants or pilots are looking strange you'll know
the reason why. They as a rule are not being searched before the flight so can take with themselves anything they like.
Russian Ellipse Wing Plane
46 Ellipse Wings

Ellipse Wings

In Belarus they use planes with ellipse wings. They say it has a few benefits comparing to the simple one or double winged planes, like the wing can be less in size, it's more firm because
the ellipse form is self sustaining, also there are now air vortexes by the sides of the wings which gives up to 30% increase in power compared to the traditional planes.
27 Towing a Plane

Towing a Plane

In Russia, sometimes, trucks towing large passenger planes
can be met on the regular highway, like on this video.
Soviet Means of Transportation
29 Soviet Means of Transportation

Soviet Means of Transportation

Soviet means of transportation.
Just self-descriptive.
Russian flying fortress 1
193 Russian Flying Fortresses

Russian Flying Fortresses

  In 1930s Russian army was ... by the idea of creating huge planes. At that times they were proposed to have as much propellers as possible to help carrying those huge flying fortresses
into the air, jet propulsion has not been implemented at those times yet. These exclusive photos and videos of actual flying fortresses as well as the story behind it.