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16 Live Maggots, Spectacular UFO and more

Live Maggots, Spectacular UFO and more

Today's edition of short stories being popular in Russia lately. Some of them too small for a separate post but fits well in one big. The first photo
here is about some grand-dad and a bear, though some say he is gipsie, not Russian, anyway let's go inside to see what's more.
Mutant fish from Chernobyl

47 Chernobyl News

Chernobyl News

Today we have some news from Chernobyl, the place of the Soviet Nuclear disaster. The first one is about giang fishes nowadays can be found in the rivers of Chernobyl. Lately people all the time witness them, and Chernobyl travel trips now include special bus stops on the bridges to make photos of those puppies. They have
been reported to reach 3-4 meteres long (10-13 feet). Many stories now being told about the military diver that lost his hand thanks to one of those and some other horrifying tales. People say that the bottom mud is still radioactive in Chernobyl rivers which allows these fish get that size.
Russian news

29 Short Russian News

Short Russian News

There are everyday some short things going around Russian blogs that can't be put in a separate post, because they lack pictures and have just a few words to tell about them but still look cool. So I decided to put them from time to time in one post. For today we have a few too. First one is the Russian family back from end of 19th century. At that times big families were a good tradition of Russian nation and sometimes they were as big as this one, so they could make those cool according to height standing photos. The second story was about this young Russian boy. What he doing on this photo is sleeping when it is strong minus outside but he gets heated by the body of dying sea cow. He got very tired during the walrus hunt and while others were busy moving the giant dead bodies to the ship he got his minute and felt asleep on a warm
animal. Another one is no-photoshop shot of the Moon rising above the church in St. Petersburg, Russia. He used some special lens of course, but no post photo processing. This story was about a Japanese wildlife photographer who was killed by a brown bear in Kamchatka, Russia. This was yesterday spread across blogs as his last photo, taken seconds before death. Impressive isn't it? For a big pity its a fake, according to his biography he didn't make some last photo, but was carried away by a bear from his tent to the forest and his friends couldn't find him. And a small video, back from 1986, when Soviet Union was still alive, but already close to its total collapse. This is the commercial for a JUICER (no brand, just generic soviet juicer).
vologda news tv
8 More Russian TV

More Russian TV

We had some Russian Financial News footage, now it's
time for Vologda city local news program:
roman dobrokhotov
180 This Weekend in Moscow

This Weekend in Moscow

This weekend in Moscow there were some civil actions. Many Russian bloggers post photos from the events, but the most popular photo is
this one. By the way it's not just a unlucky guy on the photo but a reporter from a Russian newspaper. submitted by Gary

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